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Well, I was in a laughing mood this morning, but now I'm cranky and kind of upset. One of the vocal ensembles I sing with is about to collapse in on itself... and in truth, one or two willing voices do not a SATB ensemble make.

Our music director is tired of giving up his Saturdays for our rehearsals; people say that they are going to perform at certain paid gigs and then either don't show up or call the day of the gig to say they can't make it *something* came up. Everyone depends on the director to acquire the music, teach us the arrangements, rehearse the music, arrange the gigs, etc. Now, I'm far from being a music major or even be musically literate; but I can learn a piece of music on my own if I have to. And there are people in the group that have done arrangments and transcriptions of pieces... that play multiple instruments... but they all look to and depend on the director who really took the position as a figurehead. The student groups are more autonomous than us older, wiser "esteemed" Alumni. Then there is the continuous stalemate when it comes to performance styles. No one wants to bother with any kind of schtick or basic choreography or even just basic movement... let alone memorize any of the music so we aren't encumbered by music folders and flying papers or poor lighting (that was a big complaint, that they couldn't see their music because of the poor lighting, that there was hardly room on the stage to hold the folders, etc).

The thing is, I think that there are maybe only 2 or 3 others including myself that would be willing to go to the next level with our group... I think everyone else would just as soon drop it from their list of commitments. Maybe that's just it, maybe I need the challenge of starting something on my own, or with a smaller, more dedicated group? Maybe the Alumni Chorale is done... and maybe its time for a new reworked group? Its a daunting task, especially for one who can't read music very well or sight read to save her life. Heh, maybe after all this time, *that* is the nature of the 2nd Task?? I don't know... is music considered an Earth elemental? Oh well.

I am looking forward to tomorrow tho, finally getting my hair done again after months and months of dealing with brushes and combs and high maintenance hair. Have an SCA event tomorrow, which I'm not looking forward to going to, but admittedly the somewhat self-centered part of me is half hoping that maybe there's a little deer-head in it for me. Probably not though, I haven't been visible enough lately... if I'm lucky, maybe at War Practice or more than likely at Pax. *sigh* or maybe not ever.

Ok, enough enough enough. I'm running away now. latro.

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