The Semi
Friday, Apr. 25, 2003 @ 10:56 p.m.

Tonight we had the semiformal dance on the Spirit of Boston! Honestly, I chose not to go, last year. This year, however, I was making up for the last two semi's that Oggi went to, one of which she badly twisted her ankle at; the other was when a certain spineless asshole decided to brag to the entire school that he had been cheating on her, and then dumped her right in front of everyone. This asshole would be Mike, of course (what other spineless asshole would I so deeply despise?).

Anyways, I think I made up for at least one of the two. We spent pretty much the whole night in eachother's arms, and I was deeply pleased. More importantly, however, she was happy. :) I didn't even mind having to dress up and what-not. I was just so extremely happy to be there with her, in her arms with my head on her shoulder, occasionally kissing her cheek, forehead, shoulder, and neck.

Of course we weren't completely oblivious to everything around us. We socialized quite a bit, but it all seemed so... subordinate to being with Oggi, I guess.

We also danced a lot (if you can really call my silly, repetitive motions dancing... lol), though it was always quite close. Another good thing was that the teachers didn't care how cuddly and passionate we were (a very good thing, as we would otherwise have quite a few detentions, I think ;)).

Now I think I'll stop writing this and either play Suikoden 3 or go to sleep, as Oggi isn't online....

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I'm Matt. I live in a tiny little town on the south shore of Massachusetts called Hull. It's not so bad, that it's a tiny town (only about 5000 people, I think), as it's a beach. seriously. the entire town, with the exception of a really small portion called the Village, is a beach, that gets very crowded in the summer. I go to Boston University Academy (BUA). We're constantly watched by teachers, but it's still strangely fun... the GSU is more fun, though ;)

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