Thursday, September 20

Mmmm... ratings is back.

So yesterday, a week later (only a week?), I celebrated my own birthday in the company of new jeans, other people's birthday presents, and sushi. Oh, and lots of rain, and polyester pants.

It only proves that the only thing seperating a good day from a bad day is my state of mind... I still shudder at the thought that I now shop at Old Navy. Gah, didn't I make a blood pact never to go in there after being subjected to the unspeakable horror of the Old Navy subway train?

The thing is that they actually have a size that fits me, incredible as that may be to me. But still I find myself horribly embarrassed afterwards, to be seen with an Old Navy shopping bag, especially since there are just SO MANY Old Navy shopping bags out there. I hide mine.

I thought long and hard about what to get my mom for her birthday, which is Sunday (she probably won't get her present on time). There was always the cop-out gift, the book I am currently reading and enjoying. That's the "very little thought outside of my own universe" present.

What I ended up getting her was the V-Day edition of The Vagina Monologues. I have no idea whether or not she'll enjoy this, but still it's on its way. It was either that or a book of questions for mothers and daughters to answer together. Which would have been a great present, except I don't think she would have appreciated knowing about my (somewhat limited) sexual experiences. It's not that I don't want her to know I'm not a virgin... it's more that I don't think she'd consider the circumstances of said deflowering "ideal". Whatever, I chose the safe gift ;)
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Wednesday, September 19

Wow. I was so sorry to hear about the hard time MC is having. Please go tell her you care, assuming you do, because she needs it.

I wanted to talk about Snow and Jian and rap songs about pot, but now that seems really ridiculous. But of course, I have nothing else to talk about, so I might as well.

So last night was interesting. It appears that Snow has stopped the destructive drinking that got him his reputation at the beginning of the last decade and is now heavily into pot, something which makes him sort of a goofy ball of way-too-hep-clothes and strange hand gestures. He sang two lovely hit songs that I actually enjoy (though no one seems to believe me).

He also sang some stuff that reminded me a lot of Mylène, the old friend from the previous entry, and the retarded songs we used to come up with. (The "I Put My Weed In There" song comes to mind, but I'll spare you from the actual lyrics)

"I Will Hold On" was nicely appended by the rapster. It seemed like he and Jian should team up and write mushy love songs with unintelligible lyrics. Ji's song seemed to lend itself quite well to a dance beat and Snow's strange, indefinable vocal style.

There was a new song about the tragedy. Three guesses on who wrote it. It wasn't bad, or offensive, or even all that heavily poignant... I just feel that it's too early to write songs about this. I got the impression that the song felt that way too.

Anyway, it's three o'clock and I've already finished about four sinksful (sinkfuls? sinks-full?) of dishes. There's much more left to do - the dishes which are in the "disgusting" category are as yet unwashed. I also require new jeans or pants of some kind. My current pants are disintegrating at an alarming rate, I was almost ashamed to wear them outside the house yesterday. Today is one of those days where you know that everything *should* get done, but you just can't seem to translate those words into actions.

Because of all of this, I am wearing uncomfortable polyester fucking pants, man. The cavewoman in me is apalled at this fact. She's angry today. PLASTIC PANTS! WHAT THE FUCK!
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Tuesday, September 18

An old friend (think nine years - that's old for me) just emailed me out of the blue to catch up. She has what I would call a "family". It's amazing. I hope she answers back and we can get to talking.

I guess it's obvious why people are reaching out and reviving old friendships this week. For me, it coincided with the arrival of UTNE Reader (through Dave, which was more friendship reinforcement) and its many articles and spotlights on friendship. I've been thinking about reaching out for a while. Maybe this is my cue, eh?
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Monday, September 17

OK, AJ, cool down. It's been a day without posting. I can't speak for Sally, but... I was at work, I was asleep, I was... fainting on the side of the road... I was watching You Can Count On Me, which was finally released by its captors and delivered to our store. I was setting off bookstore alarms with the DVDs in my backpack. I was getting used to *wearing* a backpack again... It'll never feel natural. I'm not a student, I'm a flower.

I just had my second creative writing class, and a sneaking suspicion I had after the first lecture is now proving itself with deadly accuracy. My course director reads her lectures from a page. She doesn't lecture, she writes every word down and then recites it for us. Of course, this makes her lectures incredibly easy to follow, and notes are child's play. Still, I feel unfulfilled.

I feel compelled to tell everyone I exchange words with that the book that Anna gave me, "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay", is good. Despite Michael Chabon's feeble grasp of the metric system (his description of the icy depths of a late October riverbed is rendered ridiculous by his use of the centigrade system. 22 degrees?? That's a summer day when you step into the pool to discover that the water is not refreshing enough! Gah!), I really like it :) This is me on page 179.

I just went out and bought a bunch of books for my classes, Harry Potter among them. I feel like I just came from the fast-food restaurant of literature.
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