Friday, October 12

I've been trying to find time to write here for the past few days, but it just hasn't happened. Essays have got me completely oblivious to the passing of time, and I'm leaving (hopefully) today, on my way to sunny, beachy Ottawa where I will get to hang out both with my friends and my family. I'm excited. I also need to watch the end of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre before I go. I love saying that and knowing that it's pertinent to my field of study ;)
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Tuesday, October 9

Don't you hate waiting for your own email to show up so you can see how angry and haughty you sound? Don't you want to see how unintelligible your writing is RIGHT NOW? How you missed the point completely? Send me the email NOW!

Mmmm... ze srimp pizza, she eez delishos. Brakefest, launch and deener!

I realized something yesterday. I realized that, although it would have been impossible for me to start any earlier, the amount of free time that I have to write two essays which are due next Tuesday and Wednesday is approximately two half-days, during which I also have to clean the entire house and pay my tuition and bring a letter from the University to the bank.




Yes, and in other news, Prince is a Blockbuster customer. Yes, that's right. The artist formerly known as The Artist, formerly known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, formerly known as Prince. Friday night, my friend Carmen was covering a shift at the really crappy horrible Blockbuster up the street from us when Prince walked in. And I realize now that I didn't even ask what he bought! Or did he buy anything? Why did he think it would be a good idea to walk into the Blockbuster from Hell with his entourage?

*shrug* It's Prince. Do you really need a reason?

This spawned some thinking and talking about celebrities, and I realized that lately I actually have to concsiously TRY to avoid Carla Collins, as she pops up in my path nearly once a week. She parks across the street from my store when she shops on Bayview. Whenever she's around, I keep my lips shut tight so that I won't insult her by accident again.

What else? Well, there's a war on. Although some guy on TV told Simon not to think of it as a war. "Think of it as like the Cold War," he said. Yeah, only we're actually *using* the bombs? Simon wanted to know if that meant it was going to last fifty years. I'd rather not think about it.

Phill and I have decided it's about the right time for our Freedom 55 Future Selves (tm) to land a plane in our backyards and tell us about the future. He's closest to my age, I think, out of all my friends, and we're sort of thinking the same thing. It's all getting closer, that thing they call Real Life. And then, we're gonna die. We said all this while sucking on certain death in sub-zero weather with our coats hanging open to boot.

Wow, I just don't know when I'm going to write these essays. Maybe I'll spend next Tuesday morning writing the first one, hand it in during my two-thirty class and then pick up the second one and work it through the night for my eight-thirty class the next day. But that would be insane, and besides, I'm probably working ;)

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