Saturday, October 20


On CNN, they just showed a person's face being gradually covered by craters, lumps and sores, turning blue and what's worse, developping a creepy kind of constant dry-falling-off skin. Next to the picture it said "Smallpox". Someone was going on about contagions in voice-over.

Do we really need to see this right now? Is this so that we can identify a contagious disease? Like "If your face turns blue and your nose threatens to fall off, consult your physician immediately"? What POSSIBLE kind of public service could CNN be providing by showing me this picture???????
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Friday, October 19

OK, much calmer now. Not particularly pleased, but calmer. At least I found the video. And the movie turned out to suck (AJ and MC, be glad we never got around to watching it). And my boss hates me for some unknown reason. Someone's stealing shit at work... one of my friends is stealing! What a crazy concept, I don't think I'll be able to handle it if whoever it is turns out to be someone close to me.

Do I really want to go somewhere intentionally just to hear more war-speak? I'm not sure. Depends on how I'm feeling, I suppose.

I have to make a decision, and I want all of you to please please please help me. The decision is this: Cake or Martin Sexton? They're both playing "early shows" on the same fucking day. What should I do? I have no will of my own, please help!

I've gone crossword crazy these past two days. Can't stop doing crossword puzzles. I'm buying whole newspapers for their crosswords. Metro-Today's aren't bad: very easy, but then again, how long are you expecting to spend on the subway? I enjoy expanding my vocabulary. I wonder why I haven't been obsessed by them for years. Maybe it comes and goes? I remember when my mom had the aneurism, I bought a book of crosswords and filled it all up.

I very much have nothing to say tonight. Just that annice balls make my tongue numb and I can't understand why people such as myself continue to buy them after such a long legacy of slightly sour aftertaste and numb tongue.
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Thursday, October 18


There are empty food bags and plates all over my room. I hate being messy and lethargic at the same time. Because it bothers me more when I know it's just a matter of changing my mood. Another thing: a very very late video which I was going to watch right now seems to have disappeared from my room.


Watch me kick stuff.

So tired. Maybe I need more sleep. Or something. Oh, yes, also, my remote control batteries are dead, which means I have to reprogram the fucker. Wah.

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Tuesday, October 16

Isn't it great when someone pretends not to notice what an impertinent retard you're being? Or rather, you sort of sense that they do notice, but don't want to remind you of the existence of said impertinent retard. Isn't it equally as mind-blowing/self-gratifying when someone responds to your all-over-the-place-total-A.D.D.-spazzness with an eerily focused mirror-image of what you were saying (when usually they are more in need of Ritalin than you are)?

I honestly do think I have A.D.D. But why do I try to display it as an attractive quality? Er... I know why. Because I'm attracted to crazy manic people, especially crazy manic girls.

Have just finished reading "Bridget Jones's Diary" (if book wasn't so short, would be proud of having done this in a day), and therefore am writing in this sort of subjectless sentence structure which is so very prevalent in book. Am hoping that controlled use of said sentence structure will prevent self from speaking in this manner to other people, who will no doubt think self insane. Am also resisting desire to log self's every breath. Counting cigarettes might be an idea, however, fail to see the point in doing so.

Ah, now I can go back to speaking normally.

Thirteen people have anthrax now, one of them is dead. I find that I am not now afraid of the possibility of a plague as much as I was when the first anthrax case was reported. It's one of those things: you get nervous until you actually *get* on the roller coaster. After that, there's not much you can do. Panicking doesn't solve anything. Neither does fatalism, but it's a lot more comfortable ;)

Although, as Bridget Jones would say, panicking does burn more calories.

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B-- Th-- Er... N--

Mike Harris just resigned. CityPulse told me this, then showed me his speech.

Then they showed me footage of a sextagenarian's head being bashed in by three or four cops, taken this morning at King and Bay during the Anti-Globalization protest.

It would be so easy to be stupid right now.
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