Wednesday, November 7

Wednesday morning
          I am lacking some vital element
          a nameless mineral which
by its absence
leaves me weak
        like the underside of some frogs
        like a frog in fluorescent lighting
only I am unnatural in any light

Monday afternoon
Through a powerful lens I am
               but squiggles and blotches

This man's device has shown him
tiny vacancies in my life-blood
         inside every honeybee cell
each in the shape
                               of a microscopic
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Wow, I just saw a New York State Lottery commercial that was a large chunk of "If I Had a Million Dollars" sung by a whole bunch of off-key "colorful folk" (yes, the omission of the U is intentional). I'm not sure if this is amusing or infuriating. Old BNL is "in" now? Glad to know what the states think of our little Canadian band.

Speaking of which, I'm a little upset at Adam for not having called me yet. He's interviewing Kevin Hearn (who's apparently playing with the Rheos sometime over the course of this 11-night marathon thing) and promised to go with me to the show. He sucks. This is, however, nothing new.
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I've just blessed MC's comment thingee (this seems to now be the official name of the Comment Thingee... we've both used it repeatedly) with a non-stop flow of nonsense, in hopes that someone would return the favour here (also cause I had things to say). I know, though, that until I start to write interesting things here, no one will give a shit about Comment Thingee (or CT from now on). This is a bit of a challenge, as I have not been thinking interestingly.

I find myself openly disappointed that Prince hasn't appeared in my presence yet. I wanted to say "Hi, Prince." That's all, really, I had nothing else really to say. Besides, from what I hear, that would have been enough to get on his bad side forever. Word has it that he's much like Maria LoCicero in that he dislikes being said hello to. Ouch, I just ended that sentence badly. How to recover? How to recover?

There was this girl at the store I was subbing at last night. She defined the word irk for me. It started with this hockey player. He'd come in the night before and rented a movie. Name sounded vaguely familiar, he had a pretty banged up eye... I figured he was a Leaf or something. So this girl, whose name I can't even remember (was it Shana? I think it was Shana), starts *flipping out* over this hockey dude. She was gloating about the number of movies he's rented from her. She knew the exact amount. Then she said: "Can you believe Helen didn't know who he was? I HATE people like that."

I said: "What, you *hate* people who don't know who other people ARE?"

She said: "But he's FAMOUS!"

I said: "O-kay..."

Then, since the subject of fame was at hand, I brought up Prince. Instantly she said: "I hate him. His music is crap."

I said: "Okay... personally I have nothing against the man. I hope he comes in again tonight."

To this she began to squirm and her voice climbed quite a few steps. She said: "Ohmygod, I don't know what I'd *DO* if I saw Prince." She was grinning uncomfortably, it looked like.

I said: "Er, I thought you hated Prince."

She said: "I do, but he's FAMOUS."

I said: "How about 'Hi, Prince'?"

She said: "I'd NEVER say that to Prince."

Maybe she knew something I didn't about the whole "hello" thing. I dunno. The whole thing is just beyond my grasp. Blows my mind. How can someone be so insanely *consumed* by fame, that it blows all of their other values clean out of the water like that?
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Tuesday, November 6

I think I have a thing for so-called has-beens. I developed a fondness for Kato (of all people!) and for Leif Garrett when they were on the Weakest Link. Now I'm watching this lame talk show with Mario Lopez. Mario's lovely... people just seem like they have so much more fun when they're not preoccupied with whether or not they're on their way out.
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