Friday, November 23

Fiona hasn't been answering her phone all night, and this is all I've been trying to tell her: Kenneth Branagh! Kenneth Branagh, Godammit!

If anyone else out there has read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and has been wondering the same thing as I have, the answer (hilarious, as it were) is Kenneth Branagh! Damn Fiona for being online and having her phone off. What if I'd fallen down a sewer? Who would I have called?Blockbuster Video? My parents, 300 miles away? Pizza Pizza? Be on the button, girl!
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Thursday, November 22

Oh, good. Now it says tomorrow at noon. Which means from now until tomorrow, everyone who I had the foresight to warn about my address won't be able to reach me ;) Lovely.
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Gr. I'm waiting for the rogers help website to wake up so I can make my transition from kmaheux@home.com to kathmaheux@rogers.com as soon as possible. Someone forgot to tell these Rogers people about punctuality. We were supposed to switch this morning, but that was delayed until four this afternoon. Now it's past four, and still says to wait until four in the afternoon. The contrasting times may cause the universe to collapse in on itself if they're not taken care of soon.
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Well, Dan Bern was... loud. And wonderful. And I danced. And felt guilty about it because I didn't dance or do much of anything for Jian. Sorry. If I had to pick between only hearing Dan Bern's songs for the rest of my life, or anyone else's... well actually that's a tough one, assuming my hearing of Moxy Fruvous songs was live. But just the fact that I'm considering the issue means something, eh? Dan is the man. I want him to bear my children. Or something.

I sort of wish he'd done his Christmas song, which Jen reminded me of in line before the show. Other than that, how perfect, how wonderful it was. The newest Much Music VJ was there. His name is something like Rainbow Sun Franks. He and his friend got really drunk and started yelling crazy stuff at Dan, who incidentally can't pronounce "Jian" to save his precious life.

And Fiona stayed for the whole thing!

Jian looked odd, to say the least. He was wearing what looked like long underwear under his T-shirt, as if to say "I had to skip my sauna today so I'm wearing this to compensate". He was also wearing a Dan Bern baseball cap which thankfully obscured his recent horrifying experiment in Gerber Baby hair.

Boy and I'm so sympathetic, eh?

Dan was selling his T-shirts at $25 a pop (travesty!!) so I settled for a bumper sticker which is already occupying a primo spot on my guitar. Christ, I can hardly type I'm so tired. But happy. I'm currently in my Inner Cradle, swinging contentedly. Looking up at my Power Animal, Helena Bonham Carter in a penguin suit. Ahem.
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Wednesday, November 21

OK, the best Simpsons moment by far has got to be when Comic Book guy is told by Dr. Hibbert that he had a cardiac episode, and he goes "Worst... episode... ever!"
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I'm ashamed. It's like a weight has been lifted, but it shouldn't be that way. There shouldn't have been a weight. I was not aware of the weight. Logically speaking, I was against the weight. I was past the weight. The weight is for other people, not me. I guess I figured that if you're strong enough to bear the weight, it's not there? Not the same thing. I was unaware that I was being pushed down. Yet there it was, lifting right off my shoulders. Weird, eh?

Last week was such a good week. Why can't I be that person that I was last week all the time? Oh. Because I hardly worked last week. I want to be a good student, but even the idea of working this much is making me depressed and unmotivated for class. Everytime they call to ask if I can work, even if I tell them no, it gets worse. They called me three times to ask about yesterday. Three times. It's a wonder I got up this morning. Of course, the last time they got Derek to call for them, so I bitched at him and told him how I snapped at Richard. Snapped. I mean I got more and more annoyed until finally I just exploded into a ball of total attitude. I even ignored him on the bus and the subway. Heh.

I realize it must also be very personal, but I want to mention that Gella's entry about Thanksgiving was very moving, and a great piece of writing.

Dan Bern tonight. I'm trying to psych myself up, but I'm awfully tired. It's one thing not to drag myself to classes, but it's another to sleep right through them. So I woke up at six-thirty regardless. Genius, eh? This is my last chance to learn the words to his new songs, though, so I might as well use it. I'm going to put on his New American Language as soon at the Nields' Play finishes up. And tonight? Well, tonight I buy stuff. I hope.

Oh, yeah. And Jian. He'll be there. Not much to say about him, though. He's just there.

Now Jen. Jen I can get excited about! Jen I haven't seen in over nine months. Jen :)

Jen will probably just wander around being pissed off that Lisa isn't there to buy her drinks. ;)

Earlier I was singing along with the Nields into my guitar tuner. I am surprisingly on key. My voice just sounds like crap this morning from lack of sleep. I wonder how some people manage to sleep less than I do and still be able to speak? It seems that the quality of my voice is directly proportional to the amount of sleep I got the night before.

Which means that today I sound like a little boy choking on a twig.
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Tuesday, November 20

Things learned today:

1- Richard is a big fat knobhead. With a knob for a head. Headknob. Knobhead.

2- Kath can snap at any moment, with next to no provocation.

3- Shana is still a pompous asshole.

4- Nobody loves me (wonder why).

5- Kath needs to get a grip on reality.

6- Sooner or later everyone breaks down.

7- Is he flirting with me? I think he really IS flirting with me! He doesn't say "bye" that way to anyone else on the phone... I know, I'm usually in the room when he's on the phone.

8- Nah. See #4.

9- Pants that are provoked react much more violently than Kaths which are provoked.

10- Spam is doubly evil when you're waiting for a particular email.
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Monday, November 19

I assume that the non-popularity of my CT means that I am saying all there is to say, and that you all feel dwarfed by my genius. It's alright if you don't say anything: I understand, you don't want to appear stupid when being compared to the likes of me.

Booooooo to you.

Yes, you. You there. Sitting on that chair. Yeah. Booooooo to you.
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Sunday, November 18

Well. I went to see Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone last night at a late, late show. Got home around two-thirty and tried to finish reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but I quit after about forty-five minutes. Then at five Fiona woke me up and reminded me about the meteor shower, so I got dressed and rushed outside. But it was too cloudy, and the lack of oxygen to my brain from staring straight up at the sky made it look like bright streaks were running across it anyway. I did see two very, very luminous meteors before our neighbours turned on their blinding porch light and ruined it for us both. So I went back to bed. Woke up after noon. Bleargh.

I got two calls asking me to work more, one for Tuesday and one for tonight. As I'm already working Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, plus going to class, having a Frucon meeting Tuesday and going to see Dan Bern on Wednesday, plus (hopefully) entertaining Donna, the requests just made me angry and really stressed out. Now the week ahead seems worse than it did before anyone asked me to do anything. How did they manage that?

I think I made my mother cry when I suggested that we cook Christmas dinner together. Now the only thing will be to eliminate distractions: if the piano is in tune and my dad's guitar is available, it'll be incredibly hard to stand around cooking ;) I'll make sure to gnaw my fingers until they're painful so that I don't feel like playing music with them.

I had a crazy dream last night. All I remember is that it involved someone pointing out a picture of Jian in a book (only it wasn't "officially" Jian, he just signified a type of person, as if he was in a dictionary under "incorrigible" or something) and telling me matter of factly that he had stopped wearing underwear. Weird. I remembered as I was dressing this morning.

I'm now taking my time getting through Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I can't afford the hardcover Goblet of Fire, so I need to make this one last as long as possible, to give me time to ferret out more good reading. Actually, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland should do as I've never read the whole thing to MYSELF and have to write a paper on it.

"Earth Girls Are Easy" is on the Space channel right now... Strange that just hours ago I was telling my dad how likely it was that "The Majestic" would finally be the movie that wins Jim Carrey the Oscar, and now here he is eating dish soap and being... well, red and furry.
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