Monday, December 10

Oh dear GOD please get me off of this computer and onto something better, something that doesn't just BEG me to wham my head against it so hard I get a bruise.

I wonder if I have violent tendencies. Maybe I shouldn't have kids. Although I don't think I personally have damaged the computer much by hitting my forehead on the screen. Over. And over. And over.

Today I've been trying to transfer some of my files to a storage space online so that I can grab them later. Sounds easy, right? Well, an mp3 on this site that I found only transfers about one in ten times because the other nine times my computer crashes. And it takes approximately 5 minutes. So you can see, eh, how compelled I am to take it with me. I don't really need Andy Stochansky, Danny Michel, Kevin So and all of them. I'll get them back later. Really, I will.

I'm starting fresh. Just send me the fucking computer before I explode!
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Sunday, December 9

I would tell you what I saw last night, but you just wouldn't believe it.

Here's the little news, and it comes with a questions. Is Hume Cronyn still alive? Because if he is, I rented him Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles last night. I wanted to ask the big news about Hume (because the big news knows everything), but the big news left before I had the chance. Oh, well.
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