Saturday, December 22

... Still hung over from last night. So much... excess. My friend Jon's brain was so fried he started rambling on about hyeroglyphics and referred to Tanya as "the girl with the hair". I showed up to work this morning convinced I was still drunk.

Simon got me the coolest shit for our Secret Santa swap; four books: Trout Fishing in America, Woody Guthrie's autobiography, another book of collected snippets by Woody Guthrie and a book of really whacked out poetry. I could have kissed him. I think he was embarrassed by the completely coincidental pertinence of his gift.
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Tuesday, December 18

So today after the movie (which turned out to be Ocean's Eleven, surprisingly good!), Tanya, Carmen, Dustin, and his friend Dave and I went Christmas shopping. I'm almost done. We had crazy fun. Mostly because Carmen and Dustin spent the whole two hours during Ocean's Eleven drinking eggnog and becoming increasingly drunk.

Anyway, the point to this post is that we ended up at Seduction, that really big sex shop on Yonge Street. And I was the only person there who wasn't incredibly uncomfortable looking at sex toys. Tanya especially was FREAKED OUT. I couldn't believe it.
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You know, I try to be funny on this damn webpage and then no one ever even reads it. So here it is. Your most unfunny entry ever.

And then a kitty died.

No, really.

I made a Christmas CD today. Tomorrow morning (early!) is the Lord of the Rings party with all my friends from work and it's going to be excellent and yet I can't bring myself to a)be excited or even b)be convinced enough that this is tomorrow to go to bed right now. I should really go to bed right now. *yawn*

Also: Marilyn Monroe is SO sexier than Madonna. Even if she's probably just dirt by now. Still sexier.
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Monday, December 17

OK. Here I am finally on my new system. I would have written in the meantime, but the entries would probably have sounded just like I was speaking all week, which was in grunts. Here is an example of the entries you didn't see.

Gr - enghhhh. guh! GAH! GAAAAAH! mph.

Enough said. Things are happier now. And it SNOWED!

And the snow brought a creature I had almost forgotten existed: the whiny customer.

Someone came into the store yesterday. I informed him he had an eighty-five cent late fee. He said: "That was the day it snowed. I couldn't get here."

I count in my head the number of other people who got to the store just fine on Friday, including myself and all the other employees and enough customers to make it a decent business day. I also try to figure out how a melty, uneven 3 inches of snow ever stopped anyone from getting to the videostore.

Then I total up this guy's purchases and announce his total, $6.59.

And the dude blows up! For $0.85! He's like "But! I couldn't get here! There was a biiiiig snowstorm! I! You!"

So I looked him in the eye and said something I'd been wanting to say to a Torontonian ever since I moved here. I said "It's going to be snowing all winter, sir. You better get used to it."

Then I took off his stupid eighty-five cent late fee.


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