Sunday, January 6

So, ah, this is how I started my last post. That no one responded to. I can only assume you have lives. Good for you.

I. Am. Giving. Up. The. Evil. Weed.


It's like buying something only because it's on sale.

It's like when I go to the cash machine and it asks me how much I want in multiples of ten instead of twenty, and even though I was only intending to get twenty dollars out of the bank, I get out thirty, just because I can.

And meanwhile, I have the worst anything tolerance in the whole wide world. Maybe if I ate real food instead of salt-covered starch?
All I know is... no more going to work when my eyes don't focus properly. Or open all the way.
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Saturday, January 5

So, ah, yeah. I bought this Harry Potter computer game. Which seems to have been built around the same game engine that Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain uses... which may be why I haven't been around here very much the past few days. Legacy of Kain rocks. Harry Potter rocks. Stick both of them together and you've gotten me lost beyond all finding.

Also, work.

Yesterday Tanya and I descended on the Evil Store and freaking took them over. I refused to take a break until all their random junk had been taken care of. I refused to leave until all their random junk had been taken care of. Richard, who is fine unless you question the unquestionable fact that he is everyone's superior, felt quite threatened by my knowledge of various password and my ability to do managerial things with what Tanya and I believed was more competence than he ever exhibits.

Tanya and I got off work an hour before close after emptying a giant box full of "problem movies" that had accumulated.

Then weed and beer. One joint for me. One beer for me. I am the poster child for moderation. There was a creepy kid at the bar, actually he seemed like he'd just walked out of the movie Kids. He asked me questions about my friend Adam. I even managed to catch the last bus home and made it in around one forty-five with a nice buzz (just ask Fiona).

Today, it all starts over again.

And to think I smoked weed that Tanya found in her coat with no recollection of how it got there. It's a wonder I'm not dead. Or addicted to crack. Or something.
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Wednesday, January 2

Oh, I almost forgot. A waitress called me a "whatever" today. That must be why I feel like such a... whatever.
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My face is burning off. I think this has to do with me waiting for the bus for almost an entire hour tonight and getting my ass frozen off despite Eduardo. Today is day six of constant back-breaking work to which there is no end, and I mean that completely earnestly. I stand up for too many hours too many days in a row and my back goes out. Look at the days ahead and you'll see that so far as I know, despite the start of school, there isn't a day I'm aware of yet that doesn't involve me at a store.

It's a weird sort of haze, this one. I know everything. *Everything*. About a very small universe. I've always enjoyed that. That's why I seek out this kind of work, even though it's looked down upon by everyone else.

So today I wait for almost an hour for the bus and I literally drag myself home, dreaming of sleep. And lo and behold, Frucon meeting with half an hour's notice. I shouldn't even go. I haven't done anything. I can't do anything except work and sleep; I'm useless to the damn convention.

Oooh! Chris Rock HBO Special on Saturday night. Am I working? Of course.

Twenty minutes to meeting. How about I go to bed and see if I wake up in time for the fucker?
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