Sunday, January 20

I was just looking around at old stuff, and noticed this. When did I ever have a cooler full of weed? And if I did, is it any wonder I don't remember?

I also found this. And I just want to say: God, I'm brilliant!
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Saturday, January 19


Today was bastard day. Yesterday was nice people day. How does that work? Usually it's the other way around. Yesterday a bionic little boy came in. Redheaded with freckles and piercing eyes. He was four and with his grandparents and wouldn't shut up the whole time he was in the store. So old for his age. He was totally on my level. Except that I had to kneel to talk to him. What a vocabulary! I talked with his grandparents while he asked Derek a million and a half questions. They said he starts talking when he wakes up in the morning and doesn't stop till he goes to sleep. I believe it.

Earlier I listened to Jeff Buckley's cover of Leonard Cohen's "Halleluia". Then I went to work, but I couldn't stop feeling the song. Weird, eh?
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Today I learned that I am a dabbler and an avoider and a postponer. I know this because instead of going to class I stayed home and made these adjustments to my site, and actually kind of learned a whole new language while I was at it.

So you see, it's not that I'm lazy. It's that I sometimes want to learn things that are different from the things I'm supposed to be learning. Probably, that's the nature of the human mind.

I just got my ass whipped at Entertainment Jeopardy. It stings.

Also, Adam wants to quit. Which is fine since I never ever work with him anymore, but not fine, really. Because Adam is funny and he was ours. Of course, Adam is also an arrogant know-it-all. But mostly, he is funny.

He's supposed to take me to see that stupid Mandy Moore movie next week. I better remind him.

So tonight after a brief and unsettlingly unplanned nap, there was much Irony Chefness and rice with broth and other things. The Iron Chef's ingredient was milk. First liquid ingredient ever. I'd like to see them introduce more liquid ingredients. Like beer. Or vodka. Or sake. Then all the chefs and the tasters get good and drunk and the pepper-eating guy just starts mumbling and throwing yellow peppers at the audience telling them to go home.


I wanted to talk about The Naked Chef. I like that people have nicknames that are just nicknames, but that as soon as they have a show you have to capitalize their nickname. The Naked Chef. Looks funny really.

I decided I want to be the Naked Chef. However, as that is quite impossible (short of a brain transplant, and even then... I'd probably be found out within three seconds for my lack of accent), I'd settle for dating the Naked Chef. I love referring to people by their trademarked name instead of their real name. I'd be like (rolling over in bed) "Hey, Naked Chef, how bout some breakfast?" and he'd be like "Can't you call me Jamie now that we've done it?" and I'd be like "Sure, Naked Chef!" and he'd be like "Hey, let's grow some herbs!" and I'd be like "Okay!"

Ah... Naked Chef. One day you'll see that we're meant to be together. Just me, you, and the way you say the word "sauce".
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Friday, January 18

So yeah. If you hate it, I can go back. What do you think?
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What sucks about Blogger? Anything I change requires an entry for me to see it, for some reason. Therefore, this entry is nothing but a ploy to see whether or not I have gotten rid of my ugly red links. Hahaha. I knew you needed to know that.
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Another hour to go before I take my butt off this chair. A) I have bangs. B) I want to go to sleep.
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Yummy yummy yummy. My agenda now is to show this to Fiona so that she is put in the position of being unable to refuse.

Also, drunkJian. HAHAHAHAA! Never thought I'd see that again, especially not from up closer than I originally was.
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Thursday, January 17

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So last night, as a form of research for a certain... school project, I watched Ghost. I did not have to go out and rent Ghost, because, as it turns out, I own Ghost. I own many movies that I've never bothered to watch more than once. Dying Young comes to mind. *gag*

I'm having a lot of trouble lately coming to terms with the fact that 1990 was 12 years ago. It started with Dirty Dancing, actually. I did some easy math and realized that Dirty Dancing was made almost exactly in between now and the time in which it's set. I'm not sure I'm explaining that right, so let me know if it's cloudy, eh? It was made fifteen years ago and takes place fourteen years before that.

But 1987 really doesn't seem that long ago for me. Movies made that take place in 1987 are strange because we look at them as still somewhat "recent". Like American Psycho.

So in 1987, when Dirty Dancing was released, would some people have looked back and thought "Wow, a movie about the sixties. How recent!" Sehe nicht.

I will stop thinking about it now, and leave you with this ever-so-important question which I will be asking myself every day until this project is through.

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Wednesday, January 16

So, ah. I'm on a *special* kind of crack, it seems. First someone shows up at the store on Saturday and claims to have spoken to someone named "Katherine" half an hour ago... and I have no recollection of ANYTHING they're talking about.

Then today I sit down in class and open my planner to see if anything has magically appeared in there while I was asleep. And there on the page it said 12:00 - Work B&E. It was eleven-forty at the time. My class didn't end for another three hours or so.

This isn't funny unless you take into account that school is about an hour and a half away from work. So I ran out of class and called my boss and told her about my emerging theory about my own sanity. She was surprisingly understanding. She probably won't be next time I see her though. Still. How did I tell her I was free at a time when I knew I had class?

I'm not sure, but I'm very glad I'm not working right now. I felt great until about five o'clock. Except I shook all day. But other than that, great. Now I'm heavy-headed and tired.


So this guy in my class got a sub for lunch and they put a black olive in it by mistake. I actually started writing this and then got bored and erased it all. So nevermind. It's not that interesting.

So... tired...

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Tuesday, January 15

Anna, of all people, has led me to rediscover an old favourite. Yay!
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Just because you guys HATE the show so much, I'm going to go on about it. I'm watching Just Shoot Me and Elliot's about to propose to Maya. The guy who plays Elliot just knocks me out. He was the commanding alien in Galaxy Quest. Remember Galaxy Quest? That really good movie that no one went to see? Remember the really amazing guy who played the alien? That's him being normal. Weird, eh?

I still feel ill. The funny thing is that it's not a modern sick-feeling. It's more like a queasy/weak/listless/moaning/writhing victorian ailment. Soon they'll come and shave my head.

Oh, wait. Check!

Could it simply be exhaustion? Or something lame like lack of iron? I felt fine earlier and went outside with Fiona for about fifteen minutes. We made plans to clean the apartment. She was going to do the living room and I was going to do the kitchen. By the time we walked back inside I was done with. Fifteen minutes. What the hell am I going to do tomorrow when I start class at eight-thirty in the morning and finish work at midnight?

I'm going to die. It's a funny thing.

In Kath's-mortality-related news, I just watched Dirty Dancing again this afternoon. Excellent as always. How is it related to my mortality? Well. Every time I watch Dirty Dancing I'm an hour and a half closer to death. There's something zen about that. But only if zen means silly.


Yeah. I bet I have malaria. That would account for how trippy I'm being.

Why do I keep writing these updates if I have nothing new to say? Especially since the more I write, the more depressing it gets that only one person has commented on anything on this page right now? Not sure... I probably just have nothing better to do. Yeah, that's it.
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On some soap opera, just now: "Contrary to what you might think, I respect the hell out of your daughter."

Well, *my* mind's at ease.
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Still feeling uck. But it's okay because my horoscope said so. No kidding. I'm sitting on the bus today looking at the paper and under Virgo it said "Upset stomach is due to stress." This was about thirty seconds after I'd started wondering if I was developping an ulcer.

Eeerie, eh?

George and I just had a happy reunion (tm?) but as fun as it is I can't stay upright much longer. I got up BEFORE NINE today. Pathetic, I know. But the tummy's not happy either, and Dirty Dancing is still here and waiting for me to get sick of it.

Last night was a dud until Fiona and I decided to leave and ran into Alison and Carrie (I think that's her name... Alison's friends are usually introduced over loud music) in the restaurant downstairs. We dished the happy dish. Then Amanda left her post at the doors and came to steal some nachos and we dished the nasty dish.

Nasty nasty!

Now Playing: Eddie From Ohio, "From Dacca" on my Pump Up The Volume Winamp skin. This song is nice but has a lyric that really pisses me off, actually. "A man whose vocation - pitch God to a nation who might otherwise choose a cow." Um, and what's wrong with a cow exactly?

Oh dear. My cat just made a human sneezing sound. That was weird.

Yes. Just to say. You people out there who think you know everything about everyone? You don't. *I* do ;)

Really, I don't, but... you're just not that cool, okay?
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Monday, January 14

You know what I really need? A remote control. So that I can watch TBS without spending twenty minutes pushing the channel button up to forty-seven. Because my channel buttons don't work anymore. It's quite sad actually. They control what they want to control, and all I have to do is sort of think *really* hard about the channel I want to get to.

I'm having so much fun updating the Frucon website with every little detail. It's been a long time since I had anything to say. I guess I'm just glad I have some "official" words to spout out at people.

I know people get really mad at me because it sometimes takes me a really long time to write letters back to them. They make up whatever they want about what I'm doing in the meantime, but the truth is I just need time. I wish I could just pick up and email you whenever it was convenient for you, but I just can't. Live with it.

Now Playing: Susan Werner, "Maybe If I Sang Cole Porter".

There are two new entries in my movie diary this afternoon. Both are fairly positive. They are American Pie 2 and The Anniversary Party. I thought American Pie 2 was another great coming-of-age movie... and that it was impressive that they were able to squeeze enough juice out of the thing to make a whole nother movie! There was one scary moment in it when I thought "Wow, Jason Biggs is a really good actor." Just for a second. Then it went away.

Actually, I don't think he's that bad. I sort of want to see him with Kathleen Turner and... who was it? Katie Holmes? in the stage version of The Graduate.

The Anniversary Party was written and directed by Alan Cumming and Jennifer Jason Leigh, who are also the two main characters. Are these two involved? If not, they seem to be spending a suspicious lot of time together ;)

It was somewhat heavy but overall had a really dynamic style that I liked. The cast was amazing. When was the last time Phoebe Cates was in anything? Or the last time Gwyneth Paltrow played someone who's not the centre of attention? And that girl who played Joy in Happiness... what's her name, anyway? She just gets cooler and cooler.

Ta-da! My movie reviews. Just cause. I have a threshold and when I cross the threshold I have to come and write here. That's how it works.
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Now Playing: Cake, "Sheep Go To Heaven (live)" This is really cool actually, because my WinAmp skins are set to randomly change for every song. I only have one Cake skin out of about 200, but right now, we have perfect Cake harmony!

Oh, and Cake is the original Best New Band, for all of you who didn't "get" my post about Guster a few days back.

Don't you hate it when you plan on calling in sick so that you can stay home and relax, and then you wake up that morning honestly feeling sick? That's what happened to me today. I was planning on pretending I had a headache so that I would have time to send off my shit, do some dishes, maybe some laundry, go to class, drop off some Frucon things, and go to a concert tonight. But I woke up in severe digestive distress. Ugh. Nauseous. Nauseated? What is correct? I can't remember.
What it means is that I get to stay home and watch movies while drinking the bland liquid of my choice (preferably water). That's okay, I guess.


Last night Dustin opened my eyes a little to things beyond Dirty Dancing and the rut I'd fallen into. I'm not sure how, but we had fun together, just our loser selves and my mix CDs and an empty videostore. We decided we're both losers. I'm a loser by default, but something actually happened to Dustin to make him feel like one. He's not even ready to talk about it. Last night's deep thoughts were along the lines of "Women suck." "Men suck." "People suck."

Now Playing: Erin McKeown, "Something Comes". Funny. Erin reminds me of the girl who did the unmentionable thing to Dustin.
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