Saturday, February 2

Well then. It's Saturday. It's two o'clock, or thereabouts. And, I still don't know if I'm working at five. I think I'm too nice. I told my boss I would cover for her if no one else could, meaning as a last possible resort. Lucky for me, they didn't just say "No one else can," fifteen minutes after they asked me.

Still, it would be nice to know if they've found someone by now. Ya know? Because I've either got all day to clean the apartment, buy the book I have to write an essay on, read it, and start writing the essay, or I have two hours to do fuckall before I have to go to work and then directly to bed.

I don't want to go see Hennessey tonight. I want to stay home and clean the bitch.

This sucks.

I just watched a really bad Melanie Griffith/Patrick Swayze movie. I'm just glad I didn't watch it before writing my story. It would definitely have thrown me way off.

So guys, you know how you're always saying that this site is, like, funny or something? You're wrong. See above for proof. This site is the lamest lame that ever lamed.
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Thursday, January 31

I found this amusing, although I'm not sure if I identify or not. Last night I stayed up way too late, going through banks of images looking for things I could send my friends.

Yesterday I managed to only spend about forty-five minutes in class. No one read my story, but we did talk about squirrel porn for twenty of the forty-five minutes. Ask me how that works. In any case, I wasn't feeling very confident about the Patrick Swayze story as a whole... writing felt a lot like just enumerating events, like a bit of a sketch of the actual story.

Although the end was fun to write. Who knew Patrick Swayze would fight so incredibly dirty? Gah, not me.

So after class, I ended up on the bus with one of the people I'd just discussed squirrel porn with. (Oh god. Imagine if I get hits for "squirrel porn" because of this entry.) We talked about our respective stories and I told her I had a copy left of mine, if she wanted to read it. I thought she meant read it later, but she started reading it right in front of me. And laughing her ass off. I mean, the people on the bus were wondering what the hell was going on. I read over her shoulder a few times and found *myself* laughing at what was going on, and was very surprised.

It passed a test. Only 7 billion more tests to go.

Know what I mean?

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Wednesday, January 30

Well. Number one is that I got my printer running. Number two is that I'm going to be an hour and a half late for class because I was a good girl and decided to finish my story before going... and then decided to install my printer and print it before going. No more stinky computer lab printer for me! Yay!

My story makes me laugh, but I also really want to cut it to pieces, so I can't wait to see comments from my group.

Also, I am tired.

I saw Rosemary last night! Rosemary! And she delighted me because (at my request) she told me all about what her kids are up to. John is fifteen now and way taller than me. I remember when he was eleven. There's a big difference between fiteen and eleven. And Julian is thirteen now... and Eugene has long hair and is eleven. And I miss them.

Well, off to class! I have four copies... as long as I don't keep one, it should be enough!
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Tuesday, January 29

I just watched Rat Race with Fiona and we laughed our asses off. Jon Lovitz is great. Breckin Meyer is suddenly... attractive. And the constant cutting back to the millionaires doing... what they're doing... is just brilliant.

I have to bring this back in seven hours. I'm tired. I only have 3 pages of my story written down. I suck. Big time. I need to be done by 9:30 tomorrow evening so that I can watch Scrubs and head to the bar without feeling guilty. Maybe I'll even hook up this new printer tomorrow and forego the costly school printing.

Yes, it's taken me this long.

Actually, I have no periphs set up on here at all yet. I was waiting until I absolutely needed them.

This isn't funny. I suck.

But this is funny:

Jon Lovitz: "Hey! Stop playing that harmonica! That's Hitler's harmonica!"

Son: "So? You're driving Hitler's car!"

Jon Lovitz: "That's different. I'm not putting my mouth on it! I'm not sucking on the dashboard!"
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Monday, January 28

Here you go! A test about me!
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