Thursday, February 21

Well. Mike did this whole review thing and now I want to write a list about Frucon so that people who know what I'm talking about can smile and laugh and stuff. I'm posting this to both my journals at once, the other one being here.

Starting at the beginning:

Mmmm... lemon linguine.

A distinct lack of Stella at the destination pub.

For the first time, getting enough sleep on Thursday night and having only one errand to run on Friday.

Getting stuck on two phones, simultaneously talking to two people who I definitely shouldn't have been talking to at the same time, for my own sake.

"It smells like the sea."

Mouthing "Retard!" over the hotel man's head to AJ. I should have said fucktard.

Building a pillow fort at movie night.

George spilling an entire pitcher of water all over.


Setting up the con to a bunch of really great songs and musicians, and getting to sing along while doing doors.


Team Frucon!

Mike rocking hard!

Team Hair!


... bad jim. ...

Angel's "I'm in love with Satan" song. (The hockey player, dammit)

Team Constipated!

Team Still Constipated!

Rockin' The Suburbs!!

Jian getting voted off second-to-last on Weakest Link.

By the way, you should have all looked at me: I was mouthing all the answers at you contestants ;)

George vs. Nitsa! Sibling rivalry at its finest!

Post-con singalong, EFO songs sounding so perfect!

Sally's first sushi experience :)

The band T-shirt etiquette discussion taking place at two seperate tables at once.


The store that sold underwear, dishes, Coke, lemonade, Beefaroni, back scratchers and hats all in one.


Backstreet Boys vs. Moxy Fruvous, round one. BB:1, MF:0.

The lovely Gella. And Lisa and Ellen and George and John.

Moose booty.

Moose gelatin.

Being half unconscious while saying goodbye to Sally.

Photo booth buffoonery.

Frucon Brunch: The same waiter that broke George's tooth at the Pickle Barrel 2 years ago now works at the Comfort Suites' restaurant! Hide!!

Cutting some dood's grass.

Busking on the streets of Toronto and watching John's lip split open from the cold.


More singing and guitar playing, and some scary Ani-chanting while AJ was passed out :D


EXhibit, dammit :) Or is it exHIbit?


Take On Me. I had no idea Maury could hit notes that high! And sustain them!

Stupid drunken-fratboy band members dragging me into inter-roommate fights.

Erm, no thanks.

Singing with Murray.



That damn Dirty Dancing dip that Lisa and I never got to demonstrate because the security guard caught us.

Mmmm... swimming early in the morning.

Beating the crap out of Angie and George at pool while practically sleepwalking.

Calling every store in Toronto looking for Fluxx and not finding it anywhere except Bellevue, Washington.

Losing miserably and constantly at pool later that night.

Falling asleep fully clothed and definitely "missing stuff".

Yummy Dim Sum.

I guess that's it. So the list is not as interesting or gut-wrenchingly funny as I thought it would be. It was still a kickass weekend and I have many feelings about it, some persisting more than others. Some insisting more than others.

We can't possibly wait another year. How about two cons a year, people?
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Wednesday, February 20

OK, so more about the Con. Seems like I spent most of it with AJ, Gella, Lisa, Ellen, George, John and Sally. If there's anyone else out there who thinks they should be on my list and aren't, don't feel left out. Just add yourself on. My memories and time all blur together. You are important... just not as important.

No, I'm kidding.

Even the people who weren't there were important! I thought about Jill and Donna and Rob and Jordan and Kate very often!

And... I just made a mix CD with a whole bunch of songs that we sang over the weekend, and some we didn't sing.

But some we did!

Except, no Snowman.

Did you guys not all agree that Snowman was our best song? If it was up to me, a capella Snowman would have been on a loop constantly throughout Sunday. It was, as they say, purdy.

And, like Angie says, my resolve to quit is not as strong as it was before. I am marveling at Fiona's ability to have left the damn committee last year at this time. I am also completely unimpressed at MC's ability to have left the committee in mid-January.

It's hard to leave when things have just gone so well.

It's very easy to leave when so much work and stress and confusion is behind you and tons more of those things are lurking ahead of you.

I thought about it, not seriously of course. Because, really, what would they have done without me, eh?

Did you know it's a psychological disorder to consider yourself indispensible to your workplace or to some work-related group?

It is.

I read it on the Internet, so it must be true.

Woo! I'm writing an entry like Mike!

Which is why, this is the end of the entry. Because as soon as I expose that fact, it's not longer amusing, it's just lame ;)
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Hey, look here, for anyone who wants the goodness.
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Tuesday, February 19

Frucon was wonderful. It was by far the most intimate and friendly con yet. I love you all!

And... there was so much singing. And... I realized that suddenly I suck again. When did that happen? Ah... maybe when I stopped listening to Fruvous as often as I used to. I tried to listen to some of the albums earlier today but every song just seemed so... slow.


Oh, well.

Scrubs is going to be on in fifteen minutes and after that I get to go rehash the con with Fiona and Drea and a bunch of people who don't care.

The bullshit in this town is just incredible, you know that, right?
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