Friday, March 1

Katherine! Get away from the computer Katherine!

Get awaaaaaaay!

Stop creating mood icons that you can't use because you can't afford to pay that stupid livejournal fee that everyone else gets to pay (even the people who - nevermind).


What's on my mind lately? I'm convinced i'm repressing everything. Just like I did, just now.

I mean, what if I'm not really happy? What if I just think I'm happy because I can't remember the reasons to be unhappy because I've repressed them so far inside my mind?
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Thursday, February 28

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I have big plans for today. Today I must 1) watch a movie, 2) write a poem. Or maybe many poems.

Funny, those don't seem like such big plans when they're written out like that. But really, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to squeeze all that in today. You all think I'm full of shit about the poetry, don't you? You all wish I'd get a real job?

Oh, no, wait, that's me.

Except that these poems are going to be structurally sound and classically beautiful while conveying modern ideas. How many other people spent their whole evening at work last night worrying about that?
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Wednesday, February 27

This is where I explain all the slanted references I've been making. Due to my extreme boredom and/or weirdness, I decided yesterday to install custom cursors on my site. However, they aren't supported by Netscape yet - actually I think you can only see them with IE 6.

But anyway.

I am now creating my own custom cursors.

I have gone cursor crazy!

Which means... these will be changing. All the time. Like, all the time. Like, maybe twice a day.

Get used to it, baby!
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Tuesday, February 26


I think I'm pretty funny.

Now, the thing is, though... is anyone having trouble seeing this site in IE? Because... AJ keeps telling me the graphic doesn't show up. And well, it shows up fine for me, and I don't see what the hell the error message could be about. I checked and rechecked my code, and still...

I'm at a loss. Are you having troubles?
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OK, I need to make another post here. I just have to. Template testing.
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So, um... you might want to view this site in IE from now on if at all possible. Because yeah. ;)
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No, really. I am not a crook.

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Monday, February 25

You know what's kinda good? Today was warm, and I hung out with Adam and Bay and we had coffee and looked at Adam's pictures from Italy. He bought a green felt hat there and won't take it off. It's not horrible, but it makes his head look too small for his body. He also says he spent two hours on a train through the Italian countryside laughing about Dr. Woof, Medicine Spaniel (or Dr. Woof, Medicine Bitch on late-night), this little joke he, Carmen and I had together.

The postal experiment I tried with Dustin didn't work. We sent each other letters with 1 cent stamps, using the destination as the return address and our own address as the front address. That way the letter would be "returned" to its actual destination. But this morning, I got both of the letters, one with a big warning on it, and one with nothing. The post office is onto us. Oh, well.

That reminds me, I promised to tell Bay about my trick for robbing banks, and then I forgot to. It's not really my trick, though, it's from a play called High Life that I saw where these four guys hung around shooting up heroin and planning a bank heist.


The strange thing about today is that I couldn't stop thinking about last September. It might have been the warm weather. Or, I could have listened to the wrong song at the wrong time. Or maybe it was going to the same coffeeshop I went to with Matt the week after it all happened, when he needed someone to talk to. It was the first time I went in there since that afternoon, you know.
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Sunday, February 24

Just now? Weirdest google hit ever.

What is the tone of "So Long, See You Tomorrow"?
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