Saturday, March 9

My professor? Lost my paper. Doesn't care. Flippantly asked me to bring him another copy. Maybe he did this on purpose knowing that I can do tons better and suggesting perhaps by asking that I hand it in again that I actually rewrite it?

I don't know if I can do any better on that subject. What a piece of crap subject, honestly. Now my new subject... which is much more complex and which I was allowed to arrive at myself... I walked to 7-11 a little while ago (just before my mysterious Victorian illness returned *swoon*) and was intending to read the end of The Children of Green Knowe (very good) but instead, I couldn't stop talking. Out loud. To myself. I wish I'd had a tape recorder.

I'm going to write my final paper on Christian allegory in 20th century children's literature, specifically focusing on two passages from two books: the resurrection of Aslan in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and the story of the statue of Saint-Christopher coming to life, from The Children of Green Knowe. At least, that's what's in my mind right now.

I know you don't care. For all intents and purposes I shouldn't care either. Never have before. I mean about anything Christian in teaching. But it's always sounded so fake before. Believe me, I've heard a lot of it, coming from where I come from. But lately I've been thinking about me having children, and what I'd like them to know about religion, and I've been thinking a lot about religious myth as simply that. Myth. All different myths. Of course I know the Christian ones much better. But I find I've been seeking them out.
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Thursday, March 7

Oh dear. Arms slack. Movements slowed. Breathing slowed. If my eyes weren't open, y'all would swear I was still asleep. This has happened before. I'm sure many times. The one that sticks in my mind is October 99. I don't remember that very well.

There was a Halloween party. And hours before it I couldn't get off the floor. I really couldn't. And that was part of depression. And it was very bad. I'd just come home from work at the bakery, I remember, and at the bakery I'd spent the whole time making lists in my mind of people I thought might miss me if I killed myself. Remember now, this was a long time ago. And then I got home, and I couldn't get off the floor of my room. I was there for a few hours, feeling much like I do now, only much worse obviously, because I can type now.

I also got very cold. I always get unnaturally cold right before and during a very depressive or anxious time. Which is how I know I'm fine now, and also how I've learned to control things. Feeling cold? Put on three sweaters and go to bed early. It's saved my life many a time.

But that weekend, Jen and Kate saved my life. I'm pretty sure. :) I told Jen once, I think. But I haven't had the chance to tell Kate yet. That was the last time I saw Kate, in fact.
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Wednesday, March 6

Good news! Blogger just lost me an entry! No update until I regain my sanity!
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Sunday, March 3

Hey, remember when I said I was looking forward to hits from the phrase "squirrel porn"? I just got a couple. And (surprised?) I'm fourth on the list! Fourth! I am your premiere source of squirrel porn, ladies and gentlemen!

Of course, the flip side is, it's one of you guys trying to see if I'll pick up on the fact that you're teasing me. Still, I very much enjoy being your premiere source of squirrel porn.
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Aw... remember Tamagotchi? I do. I was selling them when they came out and everyone went crazy over them.Even I went crazy over them, although I seem to remember we were really pushing some other knockoff which is what I bought instead. Mine was purple. I liked it for a while, then lost interest. I think I gave it to my cousin.

I wanted that Tamagotchi then, the same way I want a Furby now. Except... Furbies were popular four years ago. I know, I sold those too. Or rather, I ran out of those immediately and then had to field complaints from angry customers for months. I've played with John Chiu's Furby and it was fun!

But, as I was saying, all of this happened four or so years ago... at the same time as Tamagotchi was trying to gain back the respect of the toy market by making Tamagotchis that fought each other. That's right! You could hook them together and the two creatures would go into one screen and pound each other to a pulp! It was like Tamagotchi pro-wrestling.

So anyway, the other day I was in a store that sold toys. I think it was my old store, actually. And they had this one Furby left on their shelf. And the box was all battered and looked like it had been opened about two hundred times... and it wasn't a good colour like the one I want... and it was probably broken.

And right then I just wanted a damn Furby so badly! Does anyone have a time machine? I wouldn't mind going back there... for many many reasons, only one of which is a Furby. Or maybe Andi's Furby, which runs on spiritual energy.

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