Thursday, March 21

Mmm... just stepped out of the shower. When you live in an apartment as constantly hot as ours is, it's the little things you enjoy. Lying your head on the giant icepack in the freezer. Stepping out of the shower. Going outside in a snowstorm with nothing but pajamas on.

You know, little things.

So the other day in the store, I caught sight of an ad for the Mad Max DVD. It has original Australian language track, blahdeeblahdeeblah... the interesting thing about it is the documentary attached. It's called "Mel Gibson: The Birth of a Star".

Now wouldn't it be funny if that was actually a video (or I guess, more accurately, a Super 8 film) of Mel Gibson's birth? Complete with "I think I'll name him Melville!"

Of course, I know that there wouldn't have been any sound on the Super 8 film anyway. But maybe, just maybe, they were really thorough. You know, because they knew that their little Melville was going to be a star.

It's so sad that I think these things through to the point where they're not even funny anymore.
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Wednesday, March 20

I am your sixth best resource for "Aaron Carter Musk", apparently. News to me too.

Also, I'm numero uno for "Patrick Swayze Porn", which is entirely too unsurprising ;)

Oh, and one poor soul looking for voice-over work was left pretty much in the dark.
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Monday, March 18

I went to the store tonight to return my movies and Derek was there and he was not okay. I tried to cheer him up as best I could but it was hard without letting on that I knew what had happened. I didn't want to outright talk about, seeing as I didn't know Sam. She always struck me as such a strange girl.

Simon says she used to come inside on Monday nights and if Derek wasn't visible she would skulk around for a few minutes and leave. Then the phone would ring and Derek would mysteriously disappear off for a smoke. If she couldn't get up the guts to talk to someone other than him, I wonder what possessed her to break up with him?

Anyway. I thought maybe I could cheer him up with some money, but the lottery ticket we found together was a dud.

And then there's the fact that I thought Easter was this weekend. It turns out that A) not only did my boss make a mistake and not schedule me this weekend, so I don't get any money for staying in town, but also that B) I don't get to see my parents, grandmother, aunt, uncles and cousin (and MC) until a week after I thought I'd see them.

Right here, right now, this is a tragedy.

At other times it might not be so bad. It certainly won't seem so bad after I've spent an entire 5 days with my family. But right now, it's the worst thing in the world. Sigh.
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