Friday, May 17

Ouch. Remind me never to wear those boots to inventory again. I'd rather ruin the toes of my running shoes. Of course, tonight's inventory is going to be SO MUCH MORE FUN. Because, no stupid precounting. No bulking. No evil evil miscounted or forgotten items. Just scanning stuff.

I wanna pick the movie we get to watch :)

Also, I've never heard so much dirty language in my life, than when something goes wrong at 3 am during the second run of a retail inventory. If you think you have virgin ears and would like them deflowered, come over sometime.

Oh, and something always goes wrong.

This time we think the former store manager lady that I've never met forged her previous inventory. In any case, something weird was going on. Oh, well. Don't really care.

Am quite hungry though. Somehow I got paid about $200 less than I thought I was going to get paid. Taxes? I don't know. Hopefully Fiona cashed the cheque I wrote her or it's actually $320 less than I though, which would be very, very bad.

As it is, May has three pay periods. I'll survive.

Sigh. I really don't want to go meet this dude. I want to sleep. I'm going to be so unpleasant and I hate myself in advance for it. All he wants to do is be my friend.

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Thursday, May 16

I cannot believe I have to go to work. I will not be able to go to work. Might as well call in "excited". Someone help me please. Help me wipe the grin off my face. No one should be this excited about a TV show. Ever. This is sick. All of you others out there who are this excited about TV shows? Also sick. At least I admit it, right?

Can I just say before I go?

My tape ran out.

Oh, but not just at any point.

Oh, no.

Oh, nonono.

Luckily there was enough adrenaline coursing through my bloodstream at that moment to slow down time. I only missed about five seconds. One line. Unless the leader on my replacement tape was unusually long.

It's all good.

I'm babbling. I'm babbling while TYPING. This is bad. I'm going to count individually wrapped pieces of candy now. See you later.
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