Sunday, May 19

*stagger* *stagger* *collapse*

Actually, I'm not all that tired anymore. This is strange, because after working overnight two nights in a row, I've gone to bed after and woken up before Fiona. But you know, I'm okay, just yawning all the time.

Regarding my paycheque, it WAS short. About the amount I said. What happened? Oh, somehow the payroll department decided to give me a $-1.40/hour demotion. Yes, I thought it was a good idea, too. Luckily, I talked to someone from payroll and they're going to adjust it on my next cheque. So that one will be, to use a word which doesn't nearly do my cheque justice, big.

It was very strange yesterday and the day before to *not* be in charge. See, this other girl Walker is training to be a supervisor, and part of her training is to do the job with me there to answer questions. Meanwhile, of course, I'm doing her job.

Thing was, and Brian (the other CSR) mentioned this to me twice, Walker was doing the complete opposite of what I do when I'm in charge. I usually just let everyone do their own thing, and offer suggestions when needed. Which has its drawbacks and its advantages... you know, I'm working on it. Walker, on the other hand, was running around ordering us to do stuff that we were already doing. It was kind of funny, but Brian also found it insulting. I didn't, because I've worked with Richard the Psycho.


You see how my life's been. If all I can talk about is work, imagine how my brain must be feeling. I calculated earlier today that I have spend exactly 1/2 of my time at work since Thursday at ten o'clock.
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