Wednesday, May 29

How weird. Nothing is updating. Test. Test. Test.
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Woohoo, fun stuff today. I was planning on doing laundry, because the idea of cleaning cloth when it is not absolutely vital yet really appeals to me. But now I'm thinking I'd like to leave the laundry bit until tomorrow and watch Spy Game instead. Last night I watched Sidewalks of New York. Yum. Brittany Murphy = me in my head.

I exercised my ass off, then headed to 7-11 to get some change for this exciting laundry venture. I ended up getting one of their disgusting sandwiches while I was there. Ugh. Really, when will I learn? There was a perfectly good persian/pizza place across the street.

Anyway, I ran into Chris on my way home and he informed me that he was hit by a car yesterday.

Um, ow?

Oh, and the best part? He went to a free clinic today (he seems to have fucked up both his legs somehow), and the doctor there asked him what he did for a living. He works at Blockbuster like me. The doc is like "Oh, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to go right back to work." Um, working at Blockbuster means eight hours a day on your feet walking or running around and lifting things. I think that if I was a doctor I would wait to see the x-rays before deciding that my patient is just fine and can do his job. A job which, by the way, regular people who don't spend all day on their feet take about two or three weeks to get used to doing without falling down in pain when they get home - ask me, I've seen lots of newcomers come and whine about their feet/back/knees/ankles/hips/neck/calves/whatever.

Anyway, jerk doctor.

Also, Chris is moving tomorrow and can hardly walk. This oughta be fun.

Ugh. I HATE 7-11. Crappy chicken caesar pita sandwich. Ugh.
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