Thursday, June 6

Oh, well, no one seems to care about my academic achievements, so I suppose I'll have to start talking about something with more mass appeal. Poo, for instance. Or J-Lo. Or hey, has anyone seen Episode 2? Cause, like, I haven't talked about that already or anything. And does it matter? The masses like repetition, do they not?

OK, shutting the bitch trap now. Can I say? Your president rawks. Not only does he continue to be the continent's primary source of malapropisms, but he also delivered a well-timed State of the Union address thingee that forced Global to air an additional Friends episode.

Hey! It's 9:12! First my VCR's tape-counter thingee was at 9:12 and now the clock is. What is it about today that I keep seeing my birthday everywhere? Am I about to die? And if I was, wouldn't I be seeing my death day instead of my birthday?

Of course, if I was about to die, and I saw my death day, it wouldn't be very much of an omen, it would just be, like, today's date. I could see it on the weather channel if I wanted. Or a newspaper. Maybe even on a big LED sign if I went downtown.

I'm insane. I'm sorry. I just had this stuffed haddock dealie. There are two flavours: garlic butter sauce and lobster and shrimp sauce. Last time we had the lobster and shrimp one and that made me feel really sick for about an hour, then fine again. I figured it was the lobsterness but I think I figured wrong, because I just ate the other flavour and it's messing with me again. I've got that headache that's usually reserved for wild rice or cranberries.


Oh, and the lady? In the Creative Writing office? So not helpful. I called to book an advising appointment, and she said we could do it over the phone. So I tried expressing my concerns to her and she told me to consult the guidebook.

It is so hard to give someone a proper glare of death over the phone.

I mean, really. It wasn't about proper procedures or grading systems. It was about the fact that I wanted to talk face to face with somebody about where I, personally, stood. I'm hands-on, dammit. And I'm very personal. And if you can't deal with that then what are you doing in the creative writing/religious studies/cultural studies office? You should be off somewhere helping the book people with their book problems.

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I got in, by the way :) Thought you'd like to know. The enrollment ceiling on each of my workshops is twenty-five, which I hope means that the number of people accepted to the major is also twenty-five. If not, they're playing a cruel, cruel game of first-come first-served with me.

Going to bed now. Very tired. Tomorrow I have to try to pay off the school so that they'll accept my change of major - that way I'll be able to fucking register and no one will have to die.

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Wednesday, June 5

The website world is going down the toilet. First I run out of webspace (understandable, considering I'd been blogging for two years or more). Then my guestbook company goes bankrupt or something, obliterating all of its guestbooks.


I was at work for ten hours yesterday and the only thing I managed to figure out was that I don't think my district manager likes me very much. When he found out I was covering Chris's shift, he decided to cancel his plans to stop by. He also expressed what appeared to be shock at my store manager for "trusting me". Hm, and what's my job again?

What has happened while I've been gone?

Well. We saw Star Wars: Episode Two - Attack of the Clones. Twice. Once with AJ. I still really like it, but I think two is the definite limit for number of times I should go see it in the theatre. Course, it didn't help that I was too tired to focus my eyes the second time we went to see it. It was kind of like "What's that blob? Is it an Obi-Wan blob or a Jango Phett blob? Aw, it's using the force! Good Jedi blob!"

I got my grades from school. I'm a good student again. It's really quite scary. This term, I got an A in Creative Writing and a B+ in Children's Lit. You would think they'd have graded on attendance or something. But obviously, they didn't. Because I went to a whopping two of my Creative Writing lectures (keep in mind, this was a year-long course, too) and maybe 1/3 of my chilluns lit classes.

Boo-hiss to me... except that I still got A's and B+'s, so nyah-nyah!

We bought a couch... I love it. I've been spending a lot of time on it, watching TV and reading and stuff. Only thing is, it's weird owning half a couch. Maybe when we go our seperate ways we can split another, identical couch and then I can have one and Fiona can have one ;)

Ugh. Much pain. Much sleepiness. Much not wanting to move. But! Today is Tae-bo and Cleaning and York U day. I get to go pick up my course calendar, and more importantly, badger the lady in the Creative Writing office about whether or not I'm in.

I want to be in so badly. At this point, when it's almost decided, things are getting kind of funky. Not only do I want into the program because I enjoy it or because it's the only thing I really want to do... I now want to get in because so very few people can. I want to be hand-picked. I crave the jealousy of my peers.

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Tuesday, June 4

publish, dammit, publish!
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