Saturday, June 15

At the time of their invention, books were devices as crassly practical for storing or transmitting language, albeit fabricated from scarcely modified substances found in forest and field and animals, as the latest Silicon Valley miracles. But by accident, not by cunning calculation, books, because of their weight and texture, and because of their sweetly token resistance to manipulation, involve our hands and eyes, and then our minds and souls, in a spiritual adventure I would be very sorry for my grandchildren not to know about.

Wanna play name that quote?
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Friday, June 14

I'm online. I'm talking. With people. Not AI machines. Not lemmings. Not even my Black & White disciples. But people.

I miss people.

The weather was miserable today. I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow, and going to work in non-laundered (because doing laundry was not an option where muddy windy chaos was concerned) work clothes at 8:30.

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Tuesday, June 11

Why is registration day the most frustrating day of the year? And why do other people make dumb mistakes that affect my life? I mean really affect it?

Has anyone ever bounced a cheque for you, prevented you from registering in the university classes you need, and given two hundred and seventy dollars of your money to someone else? Or taken it himself for all you know?

I shouldn't have gone on about how cute this bank teller was. What a curse.

Update: I just got off the phone with the financial people at York. Who, by the way, I had to contact by way of a completely unrelated phone admissions help line ("Erm, there appears to be no way to contact a human in the Financial Services voice system. Could you transfer me to a real person, please?")

The dood made the payment to my account. Except. There was a big delay (probably because cheques were bouncing left and right due to this guy's stupidity), so I can't register today. I CAN'T REGISTER TODAY!

I have to register tomorrow?

When can I register tomorrow?

On my way to work? While I'm at the bank taking in the deposit? While I'm serving customers?

All the good classes will be taken and my life will be adequately ruined. Of course, if that happens, I will have the pleasure of going to see this guy (whose image is engraved on the inside of my cranium for all eternity) and letting him know exactly how he's managed to ruin my life.

Once again, by the way, I'm worrying about my own problems in the face of other people's way bigger problems. Carly from work (yes, AJ, that one) who I've gotten pretty friendly with, is having a huge health scare right now. She passed out in a mall and when she woke up, couldn't remember the day she'd just had, or much of anything else. It sounds like she's still having trouble thinking normally, and she's freaked out enough as it is, so I don't want to let her know how worried I am. To me, it sounds as though she might have had a minor brain hemorrhage, or maybe even a slight stroke.

Other people are telling her she has a brain tumor. Nice people. Not very likely.

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