Saturday, June 29


The slicing of the blade into my thumb
is nothing more than surgical in nature -
gleaming goblet
filling naturally with
red liquid.

The sights and sounds of the kitchen enfold me

my dishwater hands stiff
with the soap-like flesh
of a drowning victim.

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Friday, June 28

The Scrubs theme is here, by the way.
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Someone find me something to do!

ARgh. Too late.

I just got the mp3 of the theme from Scrubs. It's by a dude called Lazlo Bane. It's kind of awesome. It sounds like an old Odds song, only with substantial banjo.


Maybe I'll make bracelets tonight.

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Yes, it's been a long time. And Anna won the Virtual Thunder Stick, which does pretty much nothing except exist in her mind, blending things in plastic bags and whipping water into a frenzy. I hope she enjoys it :)

I was at my parents' last week, and then my mom came over here. I got some new stuff, felt guilty about it. My mother went grocery shopping three times in three days. *blink* Funny, because she was bitching about her own overflowing refrigerator before we left Gatineau. Perhaps she felt the need to curse me with one herself?

I'm not complaining, although I'm pretty sure some of this stuff is going to go bad or be forgotten or both, and that's sad. I just hate that they seem to feel they have to spend money in order to be with me. I won't invite my parents places so that they'll do my laundry for me or buy me new shoes.

It makes me uncomfortable to let them do that.

However, I did get to make sushi for my mom, which was cool.

I got new glasses. This I'm glad my mother was there for. Today marks the two-year, nine-month, 29-day anniversary of my moving here, and Wednesday was the first time I ever used my health card. I needed someone to kick me in the ass for that ;)

Anyway, here's a picture of me in my new, blue/brown, thinner glasses, looking, it strikes me now, a little like Amelie in the moment where she says Quinze!, which is weird, but anyway.

I like them :) They make me feel smarter. And then sometimes, they make me feel like Jessica Stein.
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