Saturday, July 13

Well, certain people have said certain things that have managed to create in me a gigantic identity crisis. Actually, it was one certain thing... one certain person. See the 6 cups of coffee below.

"Kath, I think you may well be the next Dave Barry. " -AJ

I'm going to grow up to write books that people read while defecating???

Don't get me wrong, Dave Barry can be funny, and he even appears to be a nice person, from what I know about him, which isn't much. Let's face it, did anyone watch that sit com based on his life? Wasn't it almost as bad as Everybody Loves Raymond?

Which reminds me... WHY oh WHY is that show so highly rated? Who the hell is watching it?


Dave Barry can be funny. He's very good at what he does. He's also, and I believe mainly, a gimmick writer. I bet you I can find a "generate your own Dave Barry column" web page in less than five minutes. OK? Go.


That actually took me less than a minute.

I don't know what to say past that. Just...

You close your eyes, and it all goes away. How wonderful is that? I'm going to go watch my new Evil Dead DVD now and forget about Dave Barry.

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Thursday, July 11

Evidently no one cares about Asterix or about cool indie movies.

Or maybe they just don't care about me.

In any case, I was convinced today that I had appendicitis. Okay, maybe not convinced, maybe just a little concerned, but still something in that area felt inflamed.

I just realized there's no way to say that that's not awkward.

Anyway. I screwed myself up this weekend doing the big change-over at work. Which I didn't actually do (the overnight part I didn't do). I closed on the Sunday night as the overnight crew was starting to change the store around. But things led to other things led to myself and Brian staying until 2 am. Then I had to be back at 8:30. Which I was. And the overnight people were still there, and in fact didn't leave until around noon.

And then? When I was supposed to leave the dood who was working with my replacement decided not to show up, so Brian and I stayed until 7:30. And all this time at the store involved a lot of running around and freaking out.


Now I'm starting to understand why no one wants to read this.

So I screwed up my arm somehow. I pulled something very specific in my elbow-area. It doesn't hurt unless I do a certain kind of motion. So far there are two activities I've identified that I can no longer perform. One is returning movies. Oops, oh well. The other is chopping things. I tried to cut an onion today, and was barely applying pressure, but still the upstairs neighbours must have been wondering if I was giving myself a tattoo or something, I was screaming "Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow" so steadily.



ugh. remind me never to write another word again.
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