Saturday, July 20

Ugh. It's midnight on my day off already. I hate that.

I've been eating the yummiest food lately. According to food groups and crap like that, too. I really think that if I cooked professionally, or at least cooked more often, or more regularly, I'd be skinnier. The act of cooking takes a lot of the "eat-me-right-NOW" attitude out of food. When I'm the one who cooks something, I really want to take my time and taste it, and I want to save some for later, and I want to eat it with some other stuff to see what it goes with.

Today it was a spicy peanut Thai sauce with rice noodles and vegetables.

So delicious.

Did you know I've only smoked two cigarettes today? I did. I knew that.

Do you know what I'm going to do now? I'm going to have meal #2 1/2 (I got up at eleven, so you know, lunch was actually breakfast, and dinner was actually lunch) and watch a shitload of Friends episodes. The reason isn't that I want to catalogue my Friends episodes, although I do want to do that. The reason is that it stretches out time.

Think about it. I can stick three episodes in an hour. After a while, I'll lose count of how many episodes I've gone through. It'll be like I've been watching forever. And then, my time off will feel oh so much longer.

I know, I'm weird.
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Friday, July 19

I just saw my couch on Trading Spaces. Damn, do I feel the coolness now.
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001.name: Katherine Elizabeth Maheux
002.d.o.b.: September 12, 1980
003.location: Toronto, ON. Or East York, if you want to be picky.
004.religion: non-practicing catholic
005.occupation: video-poet-student-clerk-thing.

001.hair: dark blonde
002.eyes: green
003.height: 5'3"

001.clothing: check.
002.music: check.
003.make up: with whom?
004.bodyart: I'm not allowed anything that shows at work. And well, if I wanted body art, it would have to show.

001.wearing: One of my dad's old t-shirts and some really neat grey-and-white underwear.
002.listening to: "This Town Is Wrong", The Nields
003.thinking of: a tomato sandwich. Also wondering where everyone is, and thinking "I can't wait till they see my new design!"

001.bought: yesterday I had a very specific grocery list: 1. whiskey, 2. chicken, and 3. ice cube trays.
002.ate & drank: I ate some cherry yogurt and 3 dried apricots for breakfast. Didn't drink anything yet.
003.read: MC's version of this survey. Book-wise, William Kotzwinkle's "The Midnight Examiner", which is weird.
004.watched on tv: On my TV: a DVD of Army of Darkness. On TV itself, half of last night's Will & Grace.

001.club or houseparty: houseparty
002.tea or coffee: tea
003.achiever or slacker: I have to say achiever, because I always feel like I'm not doing enough, so that must count for something.
004.beer or cider: If it's a choice between the two, cider. But I prefer something stronger.
005.drinks or shots: drinks, although shots have their merits, especially at Christmastime... oooh, those cinnamonny pepperminty evils.
006.cats or dogs: cats. Note the plural, dammit.
007.single or taken: single
008.pen or pencil: fountain pen.
009.gloves or mittens: smoker's gloves
010.food or candy: food
011.cassette or cd: cd - how OLD is this survey? Or have I just been filling it out since 1988?
012.coke or pepsi: diet coke or vanilla coke.
013.hard or mild alcohol: the harder the better
014.matches or a lighter: zippo
015.sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful:....... what?
016.Rickie lake or oprah winfrey: again...... what is this you speak of? I only watch TLC.

001.kill: my boss
002.hear from: anyone from my old store. More specifically, I want Jasonmail.
003.get really wasted with: The cast of Scrubs. (ok, so I'm getting sick of answering questions, I'll get back into it in a second.)
005.be like: me
006.avoid: Jian

001.touched: probably a customer's hand at work yesterday.
002.talked to: Fiona last night.
003.hugged: Angie
004.instant messaged: Donna
005.kissed: My cat. Or, if he doesn't count, my parents. And if they don't count, MC.
006.who broke your heart: don't know.

001.eat: on the coffeetable
002.dance: at concerts.
003.cry: pretty much anywhere, I'm a big crybaby, although I didn't always know it.
004.wish you were: at a folk festival

001.dated one of your best friends? yes, it was stupid.
002.loved somebody so much it makes you cry? You don't have to love somebody to cry over them, just convince yourself that you love them.
003.drank alcohol? less than 12 hours ago.
004.done drugs? yes.
005.broken the law? see above.
006.ran away from home? I tried that once. I packed, but I don't think I got out of the house. Nowadays, it's a little hard, considering wherever I go could possibly become home. Ah, no ties.
007.broken a bone? yes. I broke my foot once but my parents didn't believe me so I didn't get a cast and had to walk on it till it healed.
008.cheated on a test? yes, but not a big one. And I was just lazy.
009.skinny dipped? yes
010.played truth or dare? yes
011.flashed someone? not intentionally.
012.mooned someone? no
013.kissed someone you didn't know? on the mouth? no.
014.been on a talk show/game show? In the audience. Next to the annoying guy.
015.been in a fight? yes
016.ridden in a fire truck? no
017.been on a plane? yes
018.come close to dying? Am I the only one who thinks that we're close to dying every moment? I could take a wrong turn and get hit by a car. It could happen. Geez.
019.cheated on your boy/girlfriend? no
020.gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride? yes
021.eaten a worm/mud pie? no
022.swam in the ocean? yes
023.had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up? yes

001.the most embarrassing cd in your collection? Probably Sun Jammin 2
002.your bedroom like? Right now it's full of dirty clothes. It's white and has posters and African masks and pictures and a ukelele hanging on the walls.
003.your favorite thing for breakfast? something not sweet.
004.your favorite thing for lunch? subway! or dim sum
005.your favorite thing for dinner? sushi or pasta or pad thai or this other thai chicken/rice noodle stuff I've been making with this sauce stuff or... it goes on. I like food.
006.your favorite restaurant? Katsu sushi

001.a vegetarian?: not really, but I'm sure I only get about 1/10 of my required amount of red meat.
002.a good student?: I'm getting there. Just had to find something I was good at first.
003.good at sports?: not really. Although I kicked ass at tennis when I played it (all ten minutes)
004.wakeboarding/snowboarding...etc?: feet bound together? no thanks!
005.a good singer?: I think so.
006.a good actor/actress? I continue to hope that I'll be discovered, but no. Not at all. Onstage, anyway. I continue to act flawlessly offstage and no one notices.
007.a deep sleeper?: yes.
008.a good dancer?: I'm a good dancer in a crowd. I hop up and down a lot. Very enthusiastic. You wouldn't want to just sit down and watch me dance.
009.shy?: not usually. If I act shy, it's probably because of something else.
010.outgoing?: yes
011.a good storyteller?: I used to be (or so they told me). I haven't told a story aloud in a long time.
012.last words?: Either the wallpaper goes or I go.
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And... once again I stay up way too fucking late on the computer here. I redesigned my website. Hopefully, you noticed that already, or else maybe you should seek professional help.

Woo. I'm tired. I shouldn't have stayed up this late. I did this last night too. Funny story, I thought I was closing the store tonight, but in fact I was supposed to be there at nine AM. Phone rang at ten, confirming once again that my memory really is for shit. Poor brain.

Don't get me wrong, I love having no memory for certain things, and yet being able to name the entire cast of White Squall (adding at least one other project each of them has been involved with other than the aforementioned White Squall) without blinking an eye. It's part of what makes me me.

OK, now I gotta do it.

Scott Wolff - Party of Five
Ryan Phillippe - 54
Jason Marsden - A Goofy Movie (voice of Max)
David Lascher - "Blossom", and The Flood (TV movie-of-the-week)
Jeremy Sisto - Suicide Kings
Ethan Embry - Empire Records, Can't Hardly Wait, All I Want For Christmas (as Ethan Randall)

I could go on with that Ethan guy. His repertoire would surprise you. So yeah. There was no looking up there. This is all stuff that's in my brain. And yet "Oh, hey, your schedule was changed from night to day on Thursday" doesn't register at all.


Less work for me, considering I was 2 and a half hours late.

I learned something today that I find disturbing.

My grandmother's boyfriend has a new girlfriend. This is simply the situation. There are many things wrong with the situation.

1. She is roughly my mother's age.
2. She was a volunteer at the hospital my grandmother is in.
3. She is living with him in my grandmother's condo.
4. He doesn't see a problem with that.

So... my aunt and mother are going to sell the condo, because none of us really want to be (pardon the pun) condoning this kind of behaviour in my grandmother's home.

It sucks though, because they won't be able to take her home for a day the way they do now.

Also, and I'm sorry in general whenever I say these words, but "I told you so." When my grandmother and that jerk Claude first started going out, I hated him. I disliked him intensely for years, and now ooh, he's shacking up with some lady 20 years his junior in my grandmother's condo? Ugh. I was right all along to hate him.

I seem to have a certain kind of foresight where my grandmother is concerned. I also had a weird feeling of dread about the casino, where she had the brain aneurism. I never liked the casino, and while everyone my age was rushing to it as soon as they turned 18, I didn't want to set a foot near it.

Eerie, eh?

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