Wednesday, July 31


They caught me while I was groggy. Goddammit. Telemarketing bitch called and woke me up. Of course she wanted Fiona. Do you know that I get at least a call a day, on average, from a telemarketer for Fiona? Why she gave them this number I have no idea. Since the number is never operable when she's home, why bother? I guess this is why. Some weird strategy to keep telemarketers from calling her on her cell phone, by making them call *me* instead.

Anyway, this girl said that I would do just fine. She had one of those annoying scripts where whatever you say has a little retort already written down. I could have probably gotten rid of her, too, except that, as I had just been asleep a minute ago, I was in a very thoughtful mode, and just sat there for a while marvelling at how she had a little script for everything I said, and wasn't that neat? And so I let her verbally wrestle me into applying for a credit card.

She really couldn't understand why I found this so funny. I mean, I told her. I told her I wouldn't be approved in a million years, that I wouldn't even approve a personal loan from myself at this point. When I told her my annual salary, she sounded incredulous. Oh, well. I told you I was fucking po. Don't wake me up next time.

But I mean, it was hilarious.

Her: "As a one-time offer, we can transfer a cash advance into your chequing account at a low interest rate of 6.7%, provided it is done right away. You can use this money for renovations, travel, or other large projects. How much would you like us to transfer?"

Me: "Uhhhhhhhhhhh... *giggle*... no."
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Tuesday, July 30

OK, that was weird. I just called Pizza Pizza to place an order, and the automated phone system transferred me to the customer service/complaints department somehow. The dude at customer service was nice enough to take my order. How embarrassing.
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I get so sick of my boss slacking off. Today was like a big party at work that fizzled whenever he came into contact with it. The bastard didn't bring in the schedule for today and the rest of the week until today. He's supposed to have the thing ready the Tuesday before it actually takes effect, but no, nonono, too much to ask of old hairy disgusting Gabe.

And, oh, yes, so he had me scheduled for the one evening I booked off (the Ethan Hawke reading, on Thursday). I threw a minor fit and insisted that not only he change it, but that he trade me his day shift so that HE WOULD HAVE TO CLOSE. Chris, standing behind us, said "You don't have a problem with that, do ya, Gabe?" and winked at me. Because, the bastard only schedules himself when he feels like working, and doesn't care about anyone else's convenience to the point where he doesn't even take the calendar home to glance at it while he's making the schedule. Whatever.

I'm working at Bayview and Millwood the day before I leave for Summerfolk. It's such a nice spot of calm in my future.

I'm planning tattoo specs lately. It's going to be nice. And it's going to be in time for Summerfolk. And I may not tell my parents about it until they see it at Summerfolk, that is if they're coming.

Speaking of which, I haven't had a cigarette in about 9 hours, it's about time for one, and some bed. Good night!
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