Saturday, August 31

I'm off! Page four, after two hours...

Not bad, right? Right? Right?

Oh, don't worry, it'll pick up.

Yeah, so what am I doing here? ;)
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Wednesday, August 28


I bet you've notice I haven't updated since Friday. I bet you don't know why, though. It's because I've been at work since then. Yup. Work. And guess what? I'm supposed to go again today. And can I do it? Can I face 7 days in a row, which wouldn't be so bad if they hadn't featured the Weekend From Hell which I still haven't recovered from?


I can't.

Hands? Shaking. Stomach? Churning.

Please God let someone take this shift away from me. If I was meaner I would turn off my phone and go to sleep. Maybe I should be meaner.
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