Thursday, September 12

o/~ Happy birthday to me o/~

So, like, I should be on my way to school, but instead I'm going to write here for a couple of minutes. Basically, I should have organized something for my own birthday. Because, like, no one else is. And, I'm going to end up eating and going to bed and it's going to be forgettable as hell.

Except, maybe that'll be nice.

It's been a while since I had a forgettable birthday.

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Wednesday, September 11

Wait. Even better. I should have taken a course that's going to involve viewing the South Park movie.
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Oh dear god. Why didn't I take the class that's all blogging and no moving from this chair?

Meh, it sounds boring anyway.
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Monday, September 9

... oops. Due to procrastination on my part, I will once again miss the introductory class of one of my courses. Duh to me.
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