Friday, September 20

Phew! So, I decided this morning that the cute TA wasn't enough of a reason to keep going to that TV class. That, and I didn't understand (or want to understand) what the hell was going on. So... I dropped the class. Then I figured, well, I have room for something else... so I went shopping, mostly in the second term section. But everything (of course) was full or reserved at this point. So, as a last resort, I decided to type course numbers I'd tried before but had failed at. And guess what?

I got into the

Contemporary Canadian Poetry class I wanted!!!!!

Not only that, but it's started already, so I get to walk in on the third week and be Special. I think. I hope. Oh, dood, I can so catch up.

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Wednesday, September 18

Must remember to leave early tomorrow. Must remember that I need photocopies. Must... remember...

I had to shrink my poem down to 10 pt font so that it would fit on three pages. Even then, it was a waste of ink to print it out twenty-five times. So, photocopies. I need to do them. ASAP. Tomorrow. Morning. Before school. Before work. Before school and before work.


My schedule this week positively sucks. But it gives me a chance to continue being angry at Gabe, which is nice. Life sucks when you have no one to blame your misery on.


He couldn't, you know, schedule four shifts for me that weren't within spitting distance of each other? As it is, I have to close tomorrow, do inventory on Friday, close Saturday and open Sunday. Yeah, close Saturday and open Sunday. That means I leave the store at 1 AM and return at 8 AM. Factor in an hour's travel time each way... hm... five hours home total. Factor in eating and winding down... that's like 4 hours of sleep. Nice, Gabe, nice.

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Tuesday, September 17

Oh, wow. So I go to the computer lab today to kill time between two classes. And the computer lab has big frosted glass doors and they're closed and it says that the lab has moved to this new building. So I'm like "Okay, I thought that new building was a parking lot."

Which it is. But it's also a Tim Hortons and a computer lab. A really pretty new computer lab with all new computers in one big room. Separated only by glass from the God of donuts and coffee.

Oh, sweet, sweet fate. How I have waited for this day!
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Monday, September 16

Hey, I'm going to use a verb!

Has anyone ever read "Beautiful Losers", by Leonard Cohen?

Is this a fucked up book or what?

I kind of... volunteered to give a presentation on it. Can everyone say "Oops?"

Right now, pre-research, I've concluded that the underlying theme of the book is anal sex. With everything. With strangers in parks. With machines that come alive by themselves. Okay, so I haven't finished it quite yet. So I don't know what the theme is, or how it's going to sit as a finished piece, or if he's going to wrap everything up tightly.

What I know right now is that I'm genuinely frightened of Leonard Cohen. And that you should all be, too. Don't turn your backs on him, ladies and gentlemen.

Anyway, yes. Has anyone read it? And if so, help? WTF?
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Mmmm... rice noodles + chicken + 1 green pepper + mushrooms + bean sprouts + snow peas + green onions + 1 large cooking onion + 4 eggs (scrambled) + thai seasoning = yum. Yum + leftovers = yummmmmmmmm.

In other news, I've completely lost the skill needed to complete an entry here. Or at least, to use a verb while doing so.
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Sunday, September 15

Hey. So I'm sitting here in the dark... somehow all the other lights in the house work, but this one doesn't, nor does any other on our block. I just listened to my upstairs neighbour barf his brains out. Lovely.
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