Thursday, October 31

I give you: the results of an entire week of soul-searching.


My sushi chef's eyes are as translucent as ikura
Her hands as supple and exact as hokkigai's sharp curve
Her knife is a thin piece of straightforward metal
That cuts through fish and seaweed.
Little bits of rice stick to it like raisins on a cookie,
only more like rice on a knife than like raisins on a cookie.
The sushi is eaten
The bill paid and tip calculated.
Like leaves blowing out the door,
We leave.

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Wednesday, October 30

Oh dear. I just spent an hour reading a weird baby name thread that I found through a search engine. Only *after* posting to it did I realize it was part of a Days Of Our Lives forum. I feel unclean.
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Tuesday, October 29

Strong desire to snooze overpowering mild welcome of the book I'm supposed to be reading. That, and the fact that it uses the word "American" every other sentence. What does America as a country have to do with the poetry of nature?

Finished discussing the book of lesbian poetry in class today. Am seriously considering living inside it now. It is pretty and smells like soy sauce from when I laid it open on the table at the sushi restaurant. At the very least, am considering giving it to lesbians/women/linguists/poets I know. I am the queen of easy gifts.
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Monday, October 28

I wish I had a .wav of Danny DeVito saying "I'm smart you're dumb I'm big you're small I'm right you're wrong!"
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International Emetophobia Society

The stuff you find.
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XTC is the darlingest band on earth.

Also, please give advice on how to reason with fascist dictator over internet.

Other than that, things are looking similarly blah. Am entertaining myself with a countdown contest. When will person who cancelled plans actually tell me she cancelled plans? Betting pool starts now. I have the 38-days-after-plans-were-supposed-to-take-place spot.

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