Friday, November 8

Oh, the things you learn on the internet at two in the morning when you're fighting sleep and wanting to admire your new Trillian skin.

I looked up all of my professors' books on Amazon. Although I knew of the fame of my CanLit professor, I was not prepared to find out that he has created languages for Gene Roddenberry TV shows. Other pleasant surprises: my fiction prof was nominated for the Giller Prize (she never told us that!) and has written two kids' books (hasn't said a thing about that, either). I didn't learn much about my poetry prof that I didn't know already, but I got to read an excerpt I'd never read before, which was awesome.

*feels extreme pull to buy Pricila's book*

Today she took me aside (extremely weird behaviour already) and told me my failed blazon was the best blazon in the class. What's weird is that it wasn't a blazon (which, if you're curious, is a description of a lover, traditionally from head to toe), it's actually entitled "Failed Blazon" and it was an exercise in *proving* that I couldn't write a blazon. And, I really hated it. I found it cliché and I even wrote a second Failed Blazon so that I wouldn't have to read the first one aloud in class.

So, after she took the trouble to tell me this, I went and looked back at it again. And I still think it's bad.

So maybe I shouldn't read her book. Hm?
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Thursday, November 7

I opted to change my cell phone plan today. So, ah, call me on the weekends, Friday night to Monday morning. It's free.
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Monday, November 4

I'm finished. I killed two birds with one stone in this poem. I'm going to use it for my assignment and as my workshop poem this week. Ah, how nice to have two less things to do.

The poem is weird. I haven't talked or written anything about the subject yet, and I'm not sure why (although most of my "writing about the past" issues involve me not remembering enough of it). So here you go. Enjoy, I guess.
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Our new poetry assignment is "A Poem About a Place No Longer Visited". I agonized over it for what seemed like a long time. It turns out, I just didn't want to feel bad. I figured out what my place is. I'm working on the poem. It's putting me in the *worst* mood. But when I'm done everything will be good!
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