Saturday, November 16


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A few seconds of whining:
Stuuuff huuurrrts. My teeeeeeth huuuuurt. I'm tiiiiired. I'm getting a heaaaadache. I don't waaaanna go to woooork. I caaaan't watch season two of Spoooorts Niiight until Fiooooona wakes up.
These few seconds of whining brought to you by November, a month of three paychecks where none of them will be over $100.
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Friday, November 15

At the risk of joining some vast and uncategorizable Dark Side, I'd just like to say that Sportsnight is the gayest show ever! Ever! And anyone who stands between me and the rest of the DVDs will be stomped kinda hard until I reach the couch. :D :D :D
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Newsflash! As of yesterday, I am once again able to purchase hair accessories! :D
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Wednesday, November 13

Does Dan Bern rule the universe? Yes. Of course, we already knew that.

What else happened? Well, a conversation with Jian led me to the conclusion (among others) that if House of Anansi wasn't being embargoed right now, I could probably get an A on my presentation in a couple of weeks by stealing the prof's opinion. Unfortunately, House of Anansi does seem to be under some sort of trade prohibition. Whatever.

Also, Dan Bern controls the universe. And, he made the aliens come down and fuck the monkey. And he is beautiful. And, as Jill said, he looks a little like Bob Saget when he has hair. Which is fine with me. Bob Saget is the only person I've ever seen shove a live videocamera down his pants. That man is dirteeeee.

Best thing of all? OK, not really, but it's what came out of my fingers just now. I'm losing my voice and capacity to breathe. Yes, two days before a one and a half hour presentation! Do I feel like God's precious cargo or what?

OK, so maybe I do feel like God's precious cargo anyway. What's it to you?
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Monday, November 11

I had a ton of things to do today. But, only one of them was due tomorrow. So I've spent all day trying in vain to write a fucking story. I can't write a fucking story. Because I spend all my time writing fucking stories, so nothing ever fucking happens to me anymore, making it impossible to find something to write about. Goddammit. They're going to get a kick in the head tomorrow. All of them. I'll run around on the tables kicking every single one if I have to.
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Sunday, November 10

It's funny how things can so subtly suck. How people can push you down and down and down in the space of a day. I tried so hard to communicate. So many things placed just so in provision for such a situation but when the chips were down, nothing. Not even the goddamn gloves she can't shut up about. And still I can't exactly figure out how I managed to feel so stupid. So inadequate. So dull and especially, so repulsive. Did they think it went unnoticed that no one wanted to sleep near me? That no one touched me and that I was only spoken to if necessary? There are a great many interesting things in this apartment, in this city, in this world, which I can converse about with ease. Which I can listen to with ease. It isn't very difficult, either. All you have to do is let yourself forget for one second that you're the centre of the universe, and the rest comes naturally.
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