Friday, November 22

I'm doing a little dance right now. I know you can't see me, but I'd like to teach it to you. It goes like this:

*shirk shirk shirk*
*shirk shirk shirk*

*shirk your duties*
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Thursday, November 21

There's only one week of school left, and also I have only two papers left to write out of the three papers and two presentations that were due. So I'm half done, you could say. But I'm actually more than half done. One of the papers is just a putting onto paper of yesterday's presentation.

A brutal nightmare, by the way, thanks for asking. The prof opened his lecture by saying that he was going to be leaning heavily on a certain essay. What essay was this? The exact same one I was slated to talk about an hour later. Ouch. But, he's awesome and Very Famous, so I didn't mind.

I'm dying of tiredity right now, and also feeling a rising urge to pop in one of Fiona's Sportsnight DVDs and watch some random episodes until I pass out or work calls and asks what I've been doing for the past three weeks. But I can't do that, because I have to go to my parents' house this weekend! Yay! And there might be new pants involved. Although, I'm not sure how. Maybe they'll just be peripherally involved. Yes, yes, and if you can find the Olsen twins poem on this site, you win a prize, you win a prize, you win a prize.

"Holland loves Chandler, thank you Amsterdam, Goodnight!"

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I had to write a poem about something you can't write a poem about. So, I picked the Olsen twins' breasts. My maturity level? Skyrocketing.
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Tuesday, November 19

I think it's time for a longer post here, one that's more than just me going "booyah!" and then leaving to watch TV. Except of course, now I can't think of anything to say. I'm supposed to write a teeny 2,000 word paper on a close reading of a short poem, but instead I'm thinking of trying to condense a reading of a 38-page poem into the 2,000 words, because I'm just scary that way. Also, because I really like this poet and I want to play with the amazing associations and symbols she uses. The poem is Anne Carson's "The Glass Essay".

It seems that the more whacked the poetry is, the more effective we are at dissecting it in class. We whine and whine and whine about how difficult he is, and then just totally cut it open once it's on the plate. I love my poetry seminar. I love poetry. Why do I feel like I should be on Seventh Heaven or some shit like that?

If I sound unusually chipper, it's because I got some comments back from my prof today on Thursday's presentation. Also, a grade, which is so funny. I read all of his comments and didn't even bother to look to see if there was a grade anywhere on the page. I so silly! Anyway, I noticed it just a little while ago while I was going through my papers, I got a big damn A! Plus, he commented directly about the things I was nervous about, and commented positively! I love my prof!

Oh dear god, somebody shoot me, I'm santa claus over here.

If you detect also a hint of nervousness, that's because tomorrow I have yet another presentation to do, and this time I was an idiot about it. I prepared this presentation like a month in advance, and now I have no idea what to say about it past the outline that I sketched out.

Oh, well. If I suck, they'll have to live with it. The best thing about Uni is that you stop caring what the other students think of you, and really only concentrate on what the profs think of you.

Sally has mono :( It sucks and sucks and sucks. But I'm thinking of her! So she can maybe be a little bit happy to know that I'm here... hundreds of miles away... thinking of her. *waves*

One of my assignments for class is a "You can't write a poem about..." poem. Fill in the blank, so to speak. Help? What can't you write a poem about?

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Monday, November 18

Done! Done with my first paper! Done! It was easy as pie! Woohoo! Don't tell me I can't write no paper cause baby, I can write a paper!
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Sunday, November 17

To help me visualize, I'm going to generate a list of stuff I need to do:

-Write my essay for Canadian Lit (probably on departures from realism in 2 post-war books) due Nov 27.
-Write another essay for Canadian Lit (on Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen) due Nov 27.
-Write my essay for Canadian Poetry (close reading of a poem I haven't selected yet) due Nov 28.

This would be really easy if I wasn't going to Ottawa.
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