Saturday, December 14

Just when you think the world can't possibly get any more absurd, Michael J. Fox starts walking around in a wife-beater shirt saying "Yo, puto!"
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Friday, December 13

I don't appreciate the Harry Potter mania that seems to be sweeping my journal lately. However, since it is absolutely beyond my control, I'd just like to add that everyone is a fucking putz, because no one I know seems to like the kid that plays Ron, even though he's obviously the most talented and the cutest. There. :P

So, I finally found the title of this book I wanted to buy my mom. This is important because I've been to a million bookstores and searched their catalogues myself to no avail, even though I'd seen the book there before. So, I went home and searched Amazon. And? All the words I thought were in the title are in the title, yet the Amazon search engine didn't pull it up until like page 16. What the hell is wrong with these computers, people? *shakes clerk by the shoulders*

I have a four-hour shift tonight. Whoopee. Get there half an hour late, leave half an hour early, hey, it's a drive-by!

I worked for free for 5 hours on Monday because I wanted to help my friends and because I wanted to convince Dave to watch Sports Night with me. Should I adjust my time clock accordingly so I get paid, or has my karma been adjusted to pay me back already? Discuss.

In other news, w-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-nt.

I want a PDA! I'm freaking out because I can't keep track of these damn orders for work. Everyone wants something, and they want it now. Arg. If I had a PDA, all of this would be so much easier, and I would actually want to do it, at least for a while, because hey, it's my new toy. With this in mind, I'm off to sell some books to raise funds for the PDA and buy my mom's present. Laters!

Oh, and PS, or whatever. I finally got my Texas Chainsaw Massacre Special Edition DVD. *bounce*
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Wednesday, December 11

I have a teddy bear-sized stuffed Stitch. This is good. :)
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Tuesday, December 10

Plans for tonight include Christmas shopping, and buying myself a little something. Dunno what yet. That's all.
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Haven't slept yet. Am fairly insane. Possibly manic. Oh, well. I had this dream the other night/day. I'd gotten this new job, only it was an old job. This girl Alys (the harp player from class who I think came onto me a few weeks ago) had gotten me this job at The Bay in the jewelery department. I was in a display counter just like my old display counter, only everything was brown, and dark, and very Bay-like. I was wearing pajamas, only no one could tell they were pajamas, because they were apparently very businesslike pajamas. It was my first day at this job, and for some reason I couldn't bring myself to stay inside the counter. I kept wandering off. Another weird thing was that they hadn't given me a cash drawer, so I had the cash in piles on the glass counter, just piles of bills, the way you tuck Monopoly money under the board in different denominations. For some reason, no one was stealing these thousands of dollars that were just stacked there unprotected and for the most part unwatched (because I couldn't stop myself from wandering away).

Anyway, it was a strange dream. I possibly need to sleep. There are insurance people coming in not long and I would love to be awake to greet them. But, sleep sounds too... I dunno, boring. Sleep sounds boring. I'd rather type. Or daydream about a handheld.
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Sunday, December 8

Argh! I just spent half an hour filling out a survey and blog this couldn't reach the server, and then I couldn't get my survey back. Fuckers. Fuckers all.
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