Wednesday, January 22

Here's something weird. I feel I've been validated. I was watching SFU and one of the characters on it was bipolar and he was on a down swing. And they had him so he was freezing and couldn't get warm. Afterwards, I came here and tried to look that stuff up, but the symptoms they list for depression are too cut-and-dry. I thought that was just me. I thought it might be all in my head. But obviously, someone else out there has felt that cold and written about it. Interesting.

Hey... what does it take for someone to develop a sense of responsibility towards someone else? For me it takes very little. I have a sense of responsibility towards most of my customers. For others it seems to take a miracle.
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Tuesday, January 21

Motherfucker. Must remember to keep phone off when I need time to do stuff. Otherwise, will get guilt tripped into going to work. I skipped school today to do schoolwork, and now I'll probably have to go to Blockbuster. Motherfucker. A ten-page short story for which I have absolutely no ideas, an hour and a half presentation on a section of a book of poetry I haven't even read yet, and about 90 pages of dense academic reading on feminism in Canadian literature, and they want me to go to work? FUCKERS!

(no offense to anyone who may be reading this who might have, oh, I don't know, called in sick to work today ;) It's Gabe's responsibility firsthand to fill in - he's the store manager. He says he has to go to dinner somewhere? I say I have to get a degree. Which is more important? Fucker.)
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Monday, January 20

I decided to stop keeping all these huge files on my computer and burn them, so now I have Adaptation and Amélie on CD. Woo. Don't worry, I paid to see them both before downloading them. The reason is that I want to start watching Six Feet Under, which we don't get here, so I think I'm entitled to use the internet in this case. As a poor Canadian.

Nothing interesting to say. I have a day off this week, which is good. However, I have to spend that day writing a ten-page short story and preparing another hour and a half presentation. I don't know what possessed me to voluntarily schedule my presentation on the third week of school, but there you go.

So... uninteresting.

Speaking of uninteresting, I watched the Golden Globes last night. What a boring awards ceremony. I love it. Having to sit through Richard Gere's half hour acceptance speech really made me feel tolerant and polite. It was like I was actually there! :D
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