Saturday, March 1

OK, so I'm a loser who doesn't write here. Loser loser loser. But, I did just do my taxes, and let me tell you how that little one went. It went about to the fourteen hundred dollar mark, is how it went. Pretty sweet, eh?

Fiona's in Wisconsin seeing a Backstreet Boy. I'm bored but have lots to do. This is sad, really. That I can't bring myself to write here even after what... two weeks of absence? Sad. I've been kinda ill but I feel better now. Which is good, because as I said, I have lots to do. I just remembered that I probably have a story due Tuesday, so I looked it up. And I do. Does anyone have any suggestions, topic-wise? Should I somehow continue (for those of you who read it) the dentist story? Should I go with something else? Any interesting anecdotes you'd like to share? I'm bored, but have no right to be. Help me!

Hm, on the anecdote front, Melissa sent me the best picture ever last night. Let me show you :) Isn't that the fucking coolest thing anyone's ever done while thinking of me?? I'm still absolutely thrilled about it.

Hm. What else? There was a girl with red eyes in my store yesterday. Not bloodshot eyes. Red eyes. Red irises. Brighter than blood. She either had a disease, or was wearing contacts. I couldn't tell.

That's about it for stupid anecdotes. Sorry I can't fill up more space for you. Did you know I have red hair now? Or that I might be living in a box soon?

Woohoo, life is packed with excitement. Sign me up.
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Tuesday, February 25

Wow. Blogger, like, totally ate an entry. That's weird. Have just woken up after sleeping for twelve hours. Don't feel good. Have lots to do. I'm wishing it was still Frucon so I could blow everything off until later. :)
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