Saturday, April 5

OK, you guys crack me up :)

Missing a party tonight. Really wanted to go, but I kind of want to sleep (minus one hour, yaknow, gotta make it count) and I haven't showered in like seventy hours and I have to work on my portfolio. Bah.

I ended up just getting a Sony Clié. It's doing the job. As Mr. Grey number 2, however, it's got a bit of an aura of sadness about it. Oh, well.
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Why am I always the girl whose stuff comes late and doesn't work? Whose name gets left completely out of the article which is supposed to be 1/4 about her? Or who doesn't set the alarm right the first time she closes the store, when no one else has ever done that, ever? Or who get abandoned by her chaperone on a field trip in grade 5 and has to have a police car drive her back to meet the bus. Or else whose professor completely loses her paper, and no one else's. Whose deliveries apparently come while she's home but somehow she doesn't hear them for days and days. Whose tuition payments get botched by bank workers and end up making her rent cheque bounce. Whose direct deposit sucked up money into an account that wasn't hers for months and months and she had to be paid out of petty cash.

Was I born under a bad sign??
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Friday, April 4

Got the Palm. Got it all set up. Charged it. Fucker won't turn on. Light's on, but the Palm's not. I tried soft reset. I tried hard reset. I'm kind of pissed. But whatever. It's not like I haven't had enough trouble already. What's a little more?

(*knocks head on stuff*)
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Wednesday, April 2

I feel totally buoyant. I finished my portfolio tonight. Which is a good thing, since it's due tomorrow. But mostly, I'm just really proud of it. It was hard to lay out. The idea was to set it up the way I would if I was publishing a collection. So, I had to figure out what poems I wanted next to each other, which ones should come before which other ones, which ones I shouldn't include even though I would have liked to. I edited a few of them. I should probably change them on the site, too. I'm really proud of the way I edited Prayer For All The Things I Have, especially. I *hated* those last lines. Now I can contentedly stretch out in the poem. Ah.

Ah. Feels so good. Tonight is my night to be in love with myself. I'm allowing it. I just want to go to sleep right this second. That would be wonderful.

But instead I have to write a final thing for tomorrow - a 500 word book review of a book of poetry I absolutely never ever want to look at again. I think I might puke. Seriously. But 500 words. I mean, there's strong possibility that if I *did* go to sleep right now, there might be 500 words sitting here waiting for me in the morning. 500 words is so little, it could happen accidentally. I could sit on the keyboard and somehow make it to 500 words. And why ruin my guaranteed A by not doing this review?


*buckles down*
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I've been falling for various April Fool's Jokes all day. I seriously need to relax here. One little part of my routine fell apart and I became an indecisive lunatic for the rest of the day. I just finished dinner. That's because I couldn't figure out how to start making and/or buying food.

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Tuesday, April 1

Hi. I bought the Palm. But before I did, I called my mom and begged her to talk me into it and so now my dad's buying it for me as an end-of-year Easter present. I feel spoiled and I'm kind of ashamed, but I'm still kinda shook up about yesterday, enough to know that I deserve that damn Palm, dammit :)

Going to be late for class. I am going, I'm just gonna be late. Oh, well.
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Monday, March 31

OK, now I really have to buy a Palm. To make myself feel better for what I'm pretty sure just happened. Some guy calls. Tells me he works for a (fairly-well known) clothing store and that they do a raffle thing once a year where "the girls" at the store pick a random phone number and the lady of the house wins a 3-piece set of clothes.

I'm all, ok, great.

He then starts quizzing me about my measurements and favourite colours and what shoes I like to wear.

Sure. Whatever.

Then he makes a few inappropriate comments, like when I tell him my weight (which is so funny because I don't look my weight, I even estimated downwards of my actual weight and he still assumed I was mondo fat) he went on a bit about his gf who's really big and how he likes big butts. I let them slip at first, because he reprieves himself pretty well. He probably just has bad people skills. Some people do really like to talk about how much they like big butts.

I go quiet until he starts asking normal questions again. He asks me again what my favourite colour is. He asks me what my bathing suit size is and what kind of bathing suits I like. He says there are bathing suits involved because summer's coming, etc. etc.

Sure, fine. Whatever.

Then he asks me if I shave my pussy.

At this point, I'm pretty convinced the dude is a pervert. He kind of sounds like he's getting off, but I can't really tell if it's all in my head or not, what I'm hearing on the other end of the line. But what am I supposed to do? What possible difference can it make if I hang up now? He already has my home (rarely used, thank God) phone number and first name... So I stayed on the line until the end of the call. The dude kept wavering from *complete and utter freak* to normal. One minute he'd be talking about their tailor and yadda yadda yadda, and the next moment he'd be asking me what colour bra I wanted to wear, and whether it was push-up or full cup. Needless to say, the call didn't last long after the pussy comment. I didn't hang up full out, but I ended it pretty quickly.

Come to think of it, that's a really admirable strategy for making obscene phone calls. You get to talk about underwear all you want, and the lonely dim-witted housewives probably never suspect a thing. It's like calling a sex line for free.

I so deserve that Palm now, for putting up with this.
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Eep, I'm going way overlong. Only 208 words to go and I've got two whole arguments left. Better shut it up.

I've decided. I'm buying the goddamn Palm. This is ridiculous. It's something I need and want and I'm buying it, and I'll still have some space left in my overdraft afterwards, so whatever. And there are three paychecks in the month of May and I'll be working full time then, and with a raise.
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Sunday, March 30

Kind of manic. Of course, as usual, I've been completely oblivious to the signs until they were right on top of me. I've been waking up before my alarm for about the past six days. I've managed to consume about 8 litres of Diet Coke in the past 3 days. And so now I'm trying to write my latest crude excuse for an essay, and a part of me *soooo* couldn't care less. About a third of me is so indecisive she'll start up every single program on this computer before she actually bucks up and keeps writing this thing. Half of me is feeling so... incredibly... emotional... that she just wants to go somewhere and fucking be in a musical.

In some ways I'm really lucky. This one has to be about half the size of the one I wrote last week, so I'm practically done already (although nowhere near my point, which is kind of sad). Only about five hundred words to go. Perhaps early tomorrow morning would be a good time to keep going, as I seem to not have had too much craziness in me before one o'clock or so.

I'm having a hell of a time explaining stuff when all I can think about is what my Halloween costume is going to be in October... and can I conceivably start planning a party now... and who should I invite??

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Eyes not working properly. Ouch.

So I was supposed to spend all day yesterday writing this paper... but I couldn't write it because I just didn't have any good arguments, so instead I reread the book it's on and two academic essays equalling about 90 pages of dense indecipherable text on postmodernism. I should be well-prepared, shouldn't I?

Well, no. I've found maybe two paragraphs in all the essays combined having anything to do with my assigned essay question. What the fuck?

This is the time where you go "Aw, fuck it. I'll make shit up."

What does Michael Ondaatje's use of photographic elements say about the decline in popularity of the book form?

Fuck, this school year is ending horribly. How can you work hard all year only to have a really bad last two weeks that brings down all your marks?
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