Sunday, April 13

I've been doing a lot of post-midnight designing lately. That's sad, because the person I'm designing for (*ahem*) isn't online after midnight, ever. So it leads to a lot of different designs because I never get any feedback, and so, I get creative. So far I have five designs. They're all pretty much radically different. So far I haven't had to learn anything new to make them, although I did have to remind myself what divs were and how to use them, and I did try some things which I was sure had worked in the past and which turned out to be technologically impossible. I guess I must be rusty :)
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Wednesday, April 9

How can such a good thing happen along with such a bad thing? Monday, at work, this guy came in wanting to buy 5 X-Boxex. Naturally, I was a bit iffy about it, but he talked to me for a really long time and showed me a shitload of ID and gave me a whole explanation of why he needed five. I would have just sold him two. But then I called Brian and asked him about it, and Brian was like totally, go ahead. He suggested I do a credit check, but then when I asked him how he said we didn't have a merchant number so we couldn't do one. Dave was really eager to sell them, so I let him. We got the dude's license, which I don't believe was fake, and sold them to him. Today I get a call that it was a counterfeit credit card. What a moron. I swear to god that license is absolutely valid, those things are a nightmare to fake next to a credit card. Also, Dave saw his car very up close. He's so gonna get a visit from us soon. But in the meantime, boy do I feel like a fucking asshole.

Second thing - these three guys came into the store later that same night asking if the Shoppers Drug Mart next door was still open. I told them it closed at eleven. It was about quarter to twelve and I was less than happy to be serving them at that moment. They asked for a phone book so they could look up more stores, but my manager has moved it somewhere I can't find (apparently, the key to being well-organized is to not let anything settle in any one spot for too long). We go through a roster of stores in our heads trying to find one that we remember as being 24-hour. Then I ask them why they need a 24-hour drug store, and the one guy says "My friend needs insulin." So we start actually being helpful. Dave calls 411 and gets a hotline number. I call the hotline number and it's a pager (cool), and they eventually call us back, and everything was fine. Note that I let them stay in the store after it was closed.

God I'm boring. Even I know I'm boring. That *fucking* asshole, though. With the credit card. Gah.
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Tuesday, April 8

OK, so tonight was interesting. First of all, I had an exam at three-thirty, which is so weird. My exams before now have all been at eight-thirty in the morning. But hey, I'm not complaining! I pretty much kicked ass on it, I think (or that could be my reaction to the "you can't do anything about it now!" feeling). Anyway, afterwards my prof took us out drinking, and then I hitched a ride downtown with two girls from my writing class and my prof. Yes, I spent about an hour in the backseat of a Suzuki Swift with the most famous poet in Canada and a horse whip. No joke - Mandy's a horseback riding instructor.

Then I ditched them, because I was worrying about polishing up my fiction portfolio for tomorrow. But since I got home, I haven't looked at my portfolio once. Ouch. Oh, well. It was all fun, and now at least I know where this bar is where all the readings are, so over the summer I can do that and not have to worry about school so much.
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