Friday, May 2

The problem with this website design is that it's too perfect. I keep trying to redesign it, and nothing I can come up with is as good as what I've already come up with. But I'm so tired of this one, although I still occasionally marvel at how pretty it is.

I've made myself write. It's something I'm supposed to do every day, but I haven't been able to for the last month. But this morning, I got up, did yoga and then sat down and wrote for an hour (which is over in 3 minutes, and since I've written more than a page I feel justified in spending these last three minutes here).

Next, shower. Then, store. Then I may affix my new doorknob to my door, and test all the rooms to make sure they have latex paint on them. Because, my landlady is the most confused person on the planet.

Last night, Kyla, Fiona and I got to see the worst suit in the history of the world live. What a privilege, what a nauseating privilege. I kept making deadpan comments about it that kept the both of them in stitches, then the suit would look over and just *know* that we were making fun of it, and that I was (of course) the ringleader.

On a related note, what's with all the restaurant/bars downtown closing at midnight? Where does the theatre crowd go to eat after their show, for pete's sake! Well, they probably take the subway four stops to Fran's, like us. Or, you know, retire to their limousine and eat diamonds and rubies.
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Wednesday, April 30

Woo! Cleaning extravaganza. I decided not to go to the library today. I feel like a truant, when really the truancy would have been to go to the library and spend hours on the subway and more hours browsing quietly. Instead I went through the steamer trunk in the storage closet and found some interesting stuff. Like shoes I don't remember owning, but that fit like a glove. Yay, new shoes! I also dug out my dad's old bomber jacket, and lo and behold, it still fits (although the too-long-sleeves are stiff after being in the trunk for so long and so make the thing awkward). I also got out my trench coat, but realized I can't find the belt for it. I may have thrown it out, forgetting that I owned a trench coat. That's how long it's been since I opened this trunk.

Now I have to put away clothes and do the floors, but what I really want to do is chat with my mom. But if I call her now on my calling card, she'll have my head. Long distance gets much cheaper after six o'clock. Grrrr, long distance company.

Tomorrow we buy paint. Wish me luck, people!
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