Saturday, May 24

Brilliant ideas always strike me late at night and give me renewed energy. I want more time, I want to stop time. Something growing, lurking at the back of my mind just surfaced and solved itself so perfectly, so... Its answer three years old and I came upon it, discarded on a street corner and let it follow me home like a stray dog.

Its question is still in debate, in fact the uncertainty is whether or not there is a question in the first place. Does one need a question to provide an answer? Or is it possible to create and solve one all at once? Next week will be a selfless beauty for me, just the way I like it. No one has to know what it is that keeps me up at night. It's not about recognition. It's about giving infinitely. I'm working now towards that kind of perfection.
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Tuesday, May 20

New poem inspired by the events of the past few days.
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Monday, May 19

It seems a shame to move the penis story from its top spot on my blog, but I just wanted to say this. No one should ever interrupt themselves for an editorial comment while reading SOMEONE ELSE's poetry. EVER. EVER. And on that subject, what the hell is wrong with Leonard Cohen fans in Toronto? LC would *hate* them, as they have no respect for poetry and instead whine for popular songs. Also, if I wanted to go to a tribute concert where all that was addressed was the original artist's sexiness, I'd go to an INXS tribute.

In spite of that, I'm glad I went. Dave's three songs floored me and were well worth the $17 I paid. That is all. Now read about the subway penis guy:
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