Sunday, June 1

No more stupid birds ending up in weird places, please. I'm leaving. Tomorrow evening. Bringing my guitar and a Bryan Adams test pressing vinyl record for my dad.

Also, it is to be noted that I believe I may have successfully stopped smoking, or that I may be in the process of successfully stopping. I am completely controlling cravings by being positive and reminding myself that it is my choice whether I smoke or not. Apparently, I choose not.

I remember why I started in the first place. It was because I felt abandoned and unloved, and worse, I had told someone that they were enough for me, that they were the most important person in my life, and they blantantly told me that I wasn't enough for them. I wanted to die. Smoking seemed logical. Ah, November...

See you at my parents' house!
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Friday, May 30

Running a phone campaign is exhausting. Or maybe it's just that being up at 2:15 is exhausting. In any case, if I haven't mentioned it a million times in other places you look...

If you were planning on going to the EFO show tomorrow night at Hugh's Room, and would still like to see Mike Ford play, PLEASE CALL HUGH'S ROOM at 416-531-6604 and let them know that. Even if it doesn't do anything immediate, it will at least let them know that Fordy has a fan base, that they should book him again, and that we're interested in seeing local talent.

Also, if we get the show up and running (it's a pretty big if, but it's there) we'll have three, or potentially four frulads in the same room.

Nice, eh?
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Thursday, May 29

My cat is having some sort of psychotic episode. He keeps running into the boiler room and meowing. But not normal meowing. Frustrated, "Can't you understand that I'm trying to save your life?" kind of meowing. And looking up. And trying to climb the wall. And trying to climb the boiler.

And now Dave is getting me all riled up about my District Manager. Oh, sorry, District Leader. I can't help feeling I'm being harrassed by the guy. The only problem is, the only person he ever drops his guard around ("drops his guard" meaning swears, acts disrespectfully and irrationally) is Gabe, my store manager, the most spineless person on the face of the earth. Which I'm pretty sure is the reason the DL lets his guard down in the first place. For those of you who don't know, the DL last week told Gabe before my shift was scheduled to start that he would buy Gabe a DVD if I showed up on time, certain as he was that I would be late.

I was late. Are you kidding? I was fucking exhausted. I was on something like hour 42 of a 50-hour week, which required me to get up before 7 in the morning when I biologically can't get to sleep any time before 2. I was late one day, and I'd only been scheduled then because I'd told Gabe I could work at night, so he'd taken my shift and moved it back 4 hours, making it completely redundant as it was AT THE SAME TIME AS HIS. Not that I didn't come in handy, since he did fuckall all day. How do I know he did fuckall? Because it was the first day of our new system and today is the 6th day of our new system and Gabe still has no idea how the new system works.


But anyway, me being late aside, it was completely rude and disrespectful of my DL to make a bet on me. A bet of any kind could be considered harassment. Not to mention all the times he calls and asks to talk to Brian when I pick up the phone, a request which is useless since Brian is going to have to ask me how to do whatever it is the DL wants us to do anyway. I find that kind of unsettling and mildly sexist.

And my BBV woes have completely co-opted this cute cat entry. Oh, well.
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Wow. Mega-power guest scheduled for next week's >play episode. Way to go, Jian. Of course, I'm more psyched about tomorrow, because there's a whole bit on Six Feet Under. And as the major Six Feet Under converter in my immediate area (I converted everyone at work and like 30 customers) I feel validated by the SFU segment.

I'm iffy now on my whole vinyl idea. Although everyone seems to think it's a wonderful idea. And my brain still thinks it's a wonderful idea. So really, I still think it's a wonderful idea, I'm just losing drive and confidence. It probably is because I feel a little out of touch. I'll still do it. Absolutely, I have to. Because I haven't done anything where the outcome is uncertain in... it seems like years now. So yay, vagueness and uncertain outcomes!

Today I paid $53 in library fines due to my workweek from hell during which I couldn't go to school. Sad, but true. I asked the girl if there was any way I could not pay the fines, and she said I could petition them, but then I asked if that would keep me from being able to enroll, and she said yes. So screw that! I paid them. Oh, well. School is deserted and they're doing construction on the student centre again. This is a source of bitterness to us all, although so far it's been unspoken bitterness (which is weird on a campus that strikes all the time). Basically, any profit the school has made in the past 2 years from our tuition has gone directly into construction on the student centre. They revamped the Underground last year (to the tune of $1,000,000) and seem to be doing the exact same thing this year. From what I hear, they do it within the year so that they don't have to pay taxes on the profit. It's totally useless.
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Monday, May 26

Wow, wacky dream. I kept waking up and trying to change the dream, and it just kept coming back. I dreamed I went to an ATM and took out $30, but that after the $30, the machine spat out ten $1,000 bills. I struggled with the idea of returning the money to the bank, but eventually I didn't. But I had to figure out who I could get to break these giant bills. I was afraid the bank might have noticed the missing money and sent out an alert for the serial numbers on the bills. And anyone else would assume it was counterfeit. What kind of establishment has that kind of cash on hand? Mostly all I did was wander around with $10,000 in my pocket.

Then I went to some kind of function. It was like a cross between Frucon and a high school talent show... so basically it was Frucon, but we weren't allowed to have fun. A bunch of people sang and my dad accompanied them on guitar, but I couldn't sing because I hadn't had time to prepare, since I'd been working too much. I ran into my friend Sacha there, who I haven't seen in about 6 or 7 years. She had lost both her arms in some horrible accident and was giving motivational speeches. I tried to introduce her to my fruhead friends but I couldn't find any that were actually my friends, just people I sort of knew.

Then I went with a couple of other people and my mom to this wooden house or cottage that was in the middle of a shallow lake of mud and puddles. It wasn't our home, but it was somewhere fun where we liked to hang out. I asked my mom what I should do with the $10,000 and she said she would have turned it in to the bank, because she thought there might be a reward for that kind of good behaviour. I said I didn't think there'd be a reward, and that most people are completely ungrateful and oblivious. Then someone started screaming, and I looked out the open door just in time to see this giant tidal wave coming over the horizon and come towards us. It hit the front of the building and went through all the doors and windows, and then we were floating halfway down in a much bigger lake. I wasn't too worried about the house filling up with water and us drowning, I was just feeling very impatient about getting back to the surface.

So, that was my dream. I, for one, can attest to people being ungrateful fuckers. The other day at work, some guy asked me where Star Trek: Nemesis was. I turned to show him, and hit my elbow *hard* on the metal wire shelving. I screamed, grabbed my elbow and started crying, it hurt so bad. The guy didn't even say thank you for showing him his fucking Star Trek: Nemesis. He just walked away without so much as looking at me. Fucker.
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