Friday, June 27

In the spirit of the fact that much as I would love to be making up for my lack of sufficient rent and insurance money by legitimately selling collectible vinyl on eBay, I'm unable to because the fuckers now require me to have a credit card in order to sell something...

I'm poor! (see the Button of Begging, over on the right)

(...it was worth a shot)
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I have only one word for you, and that word is "engacho".

I've been touching kitty litter for the past half hour.

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This is weird. The Blogger popup thingee works now, but pops up with my Blog ID number inside it.


Warning: long post ahead. Also, may offend those poor bastards who think that by talking about people that they want to, say, see on a regular basis, I'm somehow rubbing their nose in it. Remember whose journal this is. Also remember that I just got it back, and really want to use it :)

>Play was awesome as usual. Fiona does a weekly post about it, so I kind of feel like doing one too (although at this point it would hardly be weekly - no >play until September!). She and I ate at Casey's before going. I now have more insight into why I'm so damn broke so shortly after quitting smoking. I've been going out like crazy trying to either avoid my roommate (who is nice, really, just hard to get used to) or just to see Fiona, since I don't get to see her whenever I want anymore. At Casey's, we had the waitress from hell. Well, maybe not from hell. But certainly she was some sort of dark angel. She was about seven feet tall, and bent with her hands on her knees to talk to us, addressing us like kindergarteners, her voice growing more and more shrill with each passing minute.

OK, I'm now realizing how long this is going to be, and losing my interest in it. See now why I can't write songs? I'll try to be quick. Ray, the usual floor director (and Fiona's and my buddy of late) was conspicuously absent tonight, and we had a replacement named, of all things, "Kevin". Even though he was not Ray (sigh) "Kevin" let Stacey, Drea, Saburah, Fiona and I sit right behind Bruce Cockburn! It was pretty awesome, except I couldn't see his fingers at all. I kept trying to look at the monitor to see them, but then I realized that that looked stupid considering I was in the shot at the time, looking straight up instead of at Bruce. He was pretty interesting, although I managed to miss about 30% of the interview. That's what reruns are for!

We had this waiter, Edward, who usually worked upstairs "looking after" us. I say that because we were his primary occupation. He was really bored, and wandered over to us every few minutes to refill water glasses and make cute comments. He looked incredibly familiar, but I couldn't place him for the longest time. Then after the show I realized he looked quite a lot like Anthony Perkins (although that wasn't the only person he looked like... he was kind of an amalgam). I tried to get someone to agree with me that he looked like Anthony Perkins, but no one would. Then Jian got involved and acted insulted on behalf of the waiter. When I explained that I meant the comparison in a good way, we had a fun little fight about whether Anthony Perkins was cute or not. I still maintain that the entire point of his casting in Psycho is that he appears clean-cut, good-looking, cute and inoffensive, making the ending that much more shocking.

Hm, what else? Well, Stacey gave Jian the pretty (*manly*! I meant *manly*!) bracelet she made and told him her news about the Eric Schwartz concert at Budgiedome (!!!!) and I came along for moral support, and Fiona came along because I couldn't quite figure out what to *do* as moral support...

Diana (who probably doesn't know we know her name, since we've never really introduced ourselves to her) came and asked if we liked Bruce Cockburn, and when we answered enthusiastically she gave us two of his new CDs to share between us. I ended up with one, and Drea ended up with the other one. It's the second thing she's given me and Fiona just for being "loyal" to the show. It's still really weird to think about. You could see it in her eyes even before she said anything that she was about to give us something. Although I appreciate it, I a) feel muchly guilty, considering how much I enjoy my weekly outing... and b) wonder who's authorizing all these "gifts" to us.

Afterwards, Stacey left with her grandfather, Fiona and Drea got on the subway, and Saburah and I tried to find somewhere to go at twelve-thirty. We got to a pub at quarter to one, (which should have been plenty of time to order and serve one drink, but whatever) were turned away and then ended up in "The Beer Garden" whatever the hell that was. This place was really weird and huge. They let us in, so we figured we'd at least get in a drink before last call, or at the *very* least something non-alcoholic before they closed. This place was huge. It had massive front doors that this gigantic lady bouncer heaved open for us. Inside was an entrance hall featuring a tasteful fountain sculpted in the image of a urinating cherub. There were all these offshoots from this entrance hall, and offshoots from those offshoots. The entire place was paneled in very convincing papier maché brick and featured Frank Lloyd Wright-type lighting fixtures, geometrically saturating, but also looking as though they'd been salvaged from old Muskoka chairs. Saburah and I picked a table that was near some other people, thinking that if they were still getting service we'd probably get some too. Silly girls, we were. We were promptly ignored for about twenty minutes. Then we left, got rained on, and she hurried on home (she doesn't share my aversion for umbrellas, unfortunately) and I hopped on the subway.

Got the last train North. Such an accomplishment for one so wet and slippery and cold! (But mmmm... cold.)

Somehow inside all of this, Steve managed to stick a Moxy Früvous joke into the show, and Jian managed to offend a very loud (but unfortunately also very very large) lady who deserved it but still was quite upset when Jian said of her and her group shortly before eleven: "These people are leaving... Thank *God*." We laughed our asses off. I managed to make lame jokes about a Lutheran pastor wearing a blue sports jacket. Not offensive, mind you. Just lame. As usual, I pulled the deadpan routine while Fiona and the others giggled helplessly. After a while this becomes irresistible, even if it does intrigue those around us and label me the ringmaster of whatever our escapade may be at the moment it happens. And Jian managed to mention my birthday gift to him. Not on the *air* or anything, but it was weird, almost as if he felt he had to mention it. He said he'd wanted to show the Peter Frampton record off on the show. He's either sucking up like crazy or is still really really really happy about my present. Either way, I win, so what do I care? ;)

Wow, this was long enough, eh? Wish they had some kind of perl script or some reverse webcam shit that would let me watch people force themselves to read this crap, to see how long they hang on before giving up. Certainly no one reads to the end. No one at all. :D
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Thursday, June 26

So... last >play of the season. And I can't figure out how to blog on the new "improved" Blogger without going to the site, which is pretty frustrating. But anyway, last >play. Should be fun.

I realized that I've been using the same little thing of makeup for like 3 months and I've never used the blue shade. I'm wearing blue today, so I figured I'd give it a shot, even though I've always thought people in blue eye makeup look like morons. But... somehow I managed to make it work, using lots of white shimmery stuff with it. I love makeup. It's scary.
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Um... ookay. I just got distracted by something flashy and Blogger asked if I wanted to save my post while I wandered. Now I can't seem to actually find the post... Wiley, wiley Blogger. You'd think after holding my site hostage for 24 hours they'd come up with some huge improvement, like thought-blogging, or at least hosted commenting, but the only big new thing they're offering is a tutorial (which is more like a critical article) on creating RSS channels.

As if anyone needed my site that much that they couldn't bother themselves to come over here. As if people want it so badly to be delivered to their PDAs this instant that they'll go into a funk now that I'm posting this rebuttal of RSS.


I'm about 180 pages from the end of the new Harry Potter. I promised my dad I'd tell him who died when I found out. I'm so psyched I get to spoil it for somebody! It's unhealthy!
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Ok, let's play for a few minutes with the new Blogger thingee.
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Monday, June 23

I guess I'll be mostly posting on my livejournal site until I can figure out what the fuck is up with blogback. See ya there (maybe)
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Sunday, June 22

Wah. What the hell is wrong with Blogback?
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