Thursday, July 3

Mmmmm... I might be being shared again. Sweet in-betweenness.

There's this store near my house which is completely chaotic and busy and dirty. I worked there last night and struggled to reorganize (or rather organize) their shelves. They have the old plywood shelving for their New Release wall. It gets so incredibly dirty. My fingers got black within minutes. Their managers' pit (first store I've ever worked in that even had a manager's pit) was basically a pile of plastic and old pizza. Their CSR pit is the size of my hand.

I love it. I want to go back!
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I'd just started talking about my weekend/week when I stupidly sent this window looking for Quicktime and lost everything. Basically, George and Angie were over this weekend (George ever so briefly... as usual, he's mister hit-and-run). Angie managed to introduce all of us to Red Vs. Blue which is probably the reason I'm still up downloading the whole damn thing at this hour.

We had a lot of fun. I found out that you can ship stuff same-day to Montreal on the Greyhoud for a lot less than I thought. I saw the Nylons and enjoyed them tremendously. I saw my friends and enjoyed them too. Although I realized that somehow I feel guilty if I don't take control of my group of friends. And it's as though they all expect me to take charge also. I'm not sure what the deal is there, but it made me uncomfortable a little yesterday, especially when we were trying to sneak up front to get seats and I felt the need to inform everyone of the 'plan' and then still felt anxious about it.

I saw Karen Dwyer last night. You may remember her from such films as... Better Than Chocolate. Which, if you are AJ, you saw last week. It was the redhead, AJ. She was there. I don't think she saw Jian's show, though, which would have totally killed me. She was coming from the other direction towards the fireworks when I saw her. And so, I proceeded to make a moron of myself the entire rest of the time, including our "precious" last moments with Jian before the non-summer begins. The entire time I was looking over his shoulder at Karen, who was sitting in the international foods tent with her friends.

OK, that's not true. About half the time I was looking at her. A quarter of the time I was looking nonchalant, and another quarter I devoted to conversation with people who were actually close by. Little do you people know I *am* actually aware and quite in control of my flaking out. Ha. :D

I guess that's all for now, although remind me to talk about why Brian is the coolest human being on earth (other than the fact that he makes the same jokes as me at the same time, and that I constantly crack him up during conference calls, both of which are excellent qualities). Laters!
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