Friday, July 11

So. I just realized that I posted my poem last Friday, which would make this my day to post another one... Things are just so vague lately, I have a lot of trouble writing poetry. I try to write one a week, but barely squeeze out one a month since school ended. It's not lack of motivation, it's something else. Vagueness. Nothing's specific enough since everything ended. And of course, a paranoia that I've already written about everything I could write about, which is so, so wrong it's not funny :)

I'm waiting for Lisa and AJ and their friend (Mike? I think) to arrive in TO. Tonight is a sushi night with Fiona. I haven't seen her in like a week. Which is funny, because it really doesn't seem like it's been that long. I have the dangerous makings of a workaholic in me. I've been realizing this stuff lately. I have the makings of something else, also: a health nut. If I had a 9 to 5 job and no school I'm scared of what my body would look like. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get carried away and go into body building... but I'm not 100% sure. Chances are, though, if I were left to my own devices that didn't involve my money being forcibly removed from my possession every month, my food items would largely consist of soy, shaped to resemble various other products.

I played in the rain today. And tried to sing, but I'm so bored of all the songs I know. I haven't discovered any new artists I like in, oh... well, I liked the Melligrove band that one time we saw them, but then we accidentally missed their show last week. Other than that... artists are showing up, impressing me and then disappearing faster than I can write down their names. The scene here is disintegrating so fast it's pathetic. I blame Jason Collett, whose buddies are about as interesting to Fiona and I as watching bread rise. Also I blame Danny Michel, who refuses to play anywhere but the Horseshoe anymore. Unfortunately for him, Fiona's and my pact never to set foot in there again predates his unwise decision.

I'm so bored. And there are dried cranberries in one of my bags of trail mix. Which means that if I eat too much from the bag I get a headache. Like now.
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Wednesday, July 9

Ah, the Onion has returned to the spot of the nation's finest news source once again. Or some nation. Maybe not *the* nation.

I am so TIRED!

I filled in at D&J today and they have a new manager. This girl is one of those mole-people who get ahead by ratting on others, or so I hear. The story goes that she'd only been a CSR a month before being offered her own store. What the hey? I've been working for the company 3 years, and they're too lazy to send me my damn 3-year anniversary watch. Anyway. That plus the fact that yesterday and Monday I kicked a lot of tail at my own store meant that I didn't take a break today. I don't mean that I didn't stop to have a meal for half an hour. I mean I didn't sit down, I didn't lean, I didn't stand still and chat today. I worked, as in at every moment your muscles are pushing themselves past the point of comfort kind of work. I reorganized their Previously Viewed wall (took 5 hours), then ran the store alone while the new store manager and this other guy put together a really big product transfer. Now, I understand that product transfers are pretty tedious work, but does it really take two people to do it? One to fetch the items and the other to cross the items off a list? COME ON, PEOPLE! (and I'll give you two guesses as to who got the oh-so-strenuous job of crossing items off a list).

I realized when I got home that I could count the number of endorphin-producing pleasant moments in my day on my hands. Not my fingers, my hands. Meaning two. The first was when I chatted and hung out with a nice lady who had lost her purse. When I pulled her account up I thought... her address looks familiar. She's nice. Have I been to her house? And then I realized that she lives across the street from Jian, and that's why her address looked familiar. That was odd. More on oddness later.

The second joyful moment of my day was when this guy called asking if we had the movie Crossroads, and I said: "With Ralph Macchio?" and he started freaking out because no one had ever, ever said that before, everyone he had asked before assumed he was talking about the Britney Spears movie. Hee :D

Oddness, yes. The new store manager has the same first name as me. Which shouldn't be as confusing as it is, but I guess she also has a voice similar to mine, so a couple of times today I picked up the phone and on the other end was someone I'd never talked to before in my life, trying to resume in the middle of a conversation I'd never had in the first place. The first time it happened (I'm really, really tired) I assumed that the reason I was so lost in the conversation was that I'd forgotten what it was about, or indeed who I was talking to. So I stood there feeling really stoned, trying to remember what the hell I was talking about with this person. Eventually he was the one who realized he was talking to the wrong Katherine. Weird. I was just totally convinced for about a minute and a half that I was stoned.
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Tuesday, July 8

Fuck Helena Bonham-Carter. Trail mix is my power animal. Boo-yah.

AJ has pointed out that my disappearing cookies (all gone again, today) may be a symptom of someone covering their tracks. So, I'm doing what every reasonable girl would do. Making an eye-catching yet threatening wallpaper for my desktop.
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Monday, July 7

Gabe may have actually just saved my life. Seriously. Fucking D&J. I take back all the good stuff I said about that store. Last week out of the goodness of my heart (and a little monetary fetish we like to call "hunger") I offered to take any shifts that might need covering at that location, on top of my four shifts at my store. I got a phone call from one of their shift supervisors asking if I would work for them all week, so of course, I said yes. He then called my manager and they came to an agreement about "sharing" me. Really, that's what the guy from the other store called it. So, my manager took me off the schedule entirely except for today's closing shift. All weekend I've been calling that store and asking them if they have their schedule yet, and all weekend they've been giving me the run-around. Then last night I talked to Nat over at D&J, who told me that I wasn't on the schedule for some reason, but that I could have one of his shifts if I wanted it. I told him I'd absolutely take it, and that I would call back to figure out what was up with their manager not scheduling me. I talked to her just now. Not only did she have no intention of scheduling me for any shifts, but she actually cut the shift that Nat had given me, so now I have today and no other days at all.

So of course, I was freaking out. I left a really teary, panicked message on my manager's cell, and he just called me back. He gave me three of his shifts, for which he'll be taking days off. There also may be more if I manage to psychically incite a certain lost package of inserts to make its way through the shipping system to our store so we can finally use that pending 30 hours of labour to transfer all our games into the new game box.

But anyway, that's that. My manager just saved my life. Literally saved my life. Because, I've been eating portioned-off Kraft Dinner and peanut butter sandwiches for the last 4 days. Well, I was eating peanut butter sandwiches. Until I ran out of bread. And I have to figure out how to get to Summerfolk and I can't even begin to think about it at this point.

Scary. But, things seem to always be kind of sort of looking up. I just have to remember not to do any more stuff out of the goodness of my heart.
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