Friday, July 18

So I finally emailed yahoo about the fact that I've been 19 on their website for about 4 years now. I'd emailed them once before, maybe 2 years ago, but they never replied. Bastardes. I went to the store. Got ice cream and diet coke. I'm incredibly tired, but I can't let myself go to sleep too early because if I do tomorrow is going to be more hellish than it needs to be, and it already seems to need to be pretty damn hellish.

I'm going to go and watch halfway-point episode of 24. And then whine because 2 DVDs of it were not enough to sustain me for more than 24 hours. And then watch Final Destination 2. Yes. Tired. Yes.

Also, I keep having to readjust BlogThis! To have this website as a default. It's annoying.
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Tex is a chick! Tex is a chick! God, I'm way too into RedvsBlue. Also spilling spoilers like there's no tomorrow. Not that it's a big deal, since most people who watch it probably don't watch it for the plot.
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Hot dogs for breakfast, lunch and dinner! What could be better?

Ugh. I have a scratchy throat and scratchy lungs. I can't wait until tomorrow when not only am I working from 5pm until 3:30am, but I get to spend all of the time before midnight severely understaffed! Yay! Including an hour between 8 and 9 when I'll be alone! On a Saturday! Yay! Yay for excellent planning!

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Thursday, July 17

The weirdness of this is that it's not Blogger that's down... it's stupid Tripod. Hopefully this new entry will unblock it. If not, well then I'll have two entries sitting in reserve.

The universe is so very very this week. Last night we find a copy of the Indie tape and buy it for fifty cents (I leave the store saying "I could make a ten thousand percent profit off of this! Easily! But I won't." The guy at the store thought I was funny.) Then today the roommate calls asking if I've renewed his movies, then says "I think I saw that Jian guy driving by last night... does he have a brightly-coloured car?" I almost replied, "Is the pope catholic?" but thought that would be too lame. It's weird enough when Dave decides he wants to know all about Jian and keeps finding him on TV on weird channels and making me watch it with him, but now it looks like Jian is seeking out the roommate. Or something.

Separate worlds... stay separate!

I'm tired. Last night I got the Google toolbar. Very cool. You wouldn't think it would be a positive experience, but so far it is. It's funny because it reports all the websites I go to directly to Google (I could turn this feature off if I wanted to, but what do I have to hide?). Why's that funny, you ask? Because I may have nothing to hide, but I'm betting the person who was deleting my cookies like crazy does.

Ha. Hahaha. Muahahahaha.

Anyway. It blocks my popups! And has a BlogThis! button (which I'm using right now) so that I was able to delete my BlogThis! button from my links toolbar and free up some room. And it has little voting buttons to rate pages, and a PageRank meter that tells you the "importance", as it says on the actual bar, of the page you're on (in theory) by checking how many pages link to that page. This page has a 4/10 PageRank. That's way more than I thought it would have. The "More Info About the Google Toolbar" page had like a 0/10. I rock more than they do. I can also search images.google.com at the click of a button (instead of the click of 2 buttons), and you all know how happy that makes me.

Anyway, I'm outtie. I'm exhausted and I want to watch more 24!
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Wednesday, July 16

Jackpot. I mean, jackpot. Fiona and I went to Goodwill today. We left with about $22 worth of stuff each and an indie tape which I refuse to be the sole owner of.

It's playing right now =)
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Tuesday, July 15

I'm finally working on that largish project I mentioned a few months ago, then wrote 2 parts of, then forgot about. Well, I didn't forget about it. But I didn't do much to it, either. Today I rewrote part 2 and added 2 more parts. I feel pretty good about it. We'll see what happens. It's been 2 weeks since the last poem I posted on my website. I am a pathetic excuse for a human being. What am I going to do when the big huge August deadline comes around and I have nothing to send... those... people. Those... very... important... and famous... people. Who will be reading my poems. Oh dear God.

Roommate just got home. I'm not even dressed yet. I'm waiting for Fiona to call so we can figure out if we're going walking or going to see Chicago at the cheap revue theatre near her apartment. I found out last night through sideways channels that I may have to move in the dead of winter. Bah. Things could be much worse. I could have bad credit that renders me ineligible to rent from people with brains.

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