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Saturday, August 9

So Fiona is missing in action... Cadence is playing the Taste of the Danforth in an hour and she a) didn't call to tell me the schedule so we could plan like she said she would, and b) hasn't returned either of my phone calls about getting organized for TotD.

I *know* she'll be down at Broadview and Danforth in an hour, but...

do I really want to go considering she doesn't seem to want to see me at all?
Posted by Katherine at 7:04 PM


Thursday, August 7

Oh, my sweet, sweet Lord. (link, AJ, link)

What's that game where you search word combinations on Google trying to get the right combo that'll give you just one site? It actually has an official website and everything. Anyway... I've just found my combo :D
Posted by Katherine at 5:45 PM


So, went bowling last night with roomie and three other people from work, and Shaun's friend who was never properly introduced to me. I sucked, of course, but the vibe was all weird. Maybe it was because the last time I was there I was with all of you. Or maybe it was just because my roommate is a crazed, obsessive freak. Not sure.

The machines are pathetically old and clunky and need resetting a lot. He bowls instead of resetting. He also bowls right into the machines, causing them to break. It's mucho annoying. He was also back to conducting surveys of my enjoyment level all night, which I've explained I find annoying. But whatever, I had fun. It was so funny to watch him taunt me about my low scores, as if I cared. At one point he went "Hey Kath, what does that ten mean all across these three frames?" And I said, "Dave, that means I haven't scored any points."

I think I used to be competitive, but as with everything else, I can't actually remember how I felt about something before now.

It didn't help that it was three in the morning and I'd gotten up at eight. As we were leaving I realized that I couldn't understand what anyone was saying anymore, I was so tired, and I actually smoked some of a cigarette to wake me up, because I didn't think I'd make it home otherwise. It worked, but it also caused crazy unpleasant dreams about smoking.

*Nothing* like the dream I had a few nights ago about asking this nice chick out :)

I found this tiny little poem I'd written and chosen not to post anywhere. Apparently my choosing not to show it off to my friends resulted in my forgetting about it completely. It was such a pleasant surprise. I'm sending it in with a couple of others. I'm just working on that today. After I have lunch, shower and finish internetting. Which is easy these days. I get bored so easily.
Posted by Katherine at 2:50 PM


Monday, August 4

Well. I had a productive day. And I haven't even gone to work yet. I could be there right now, but even though it's time and a half I don't feel like it.

I wrote two new poems. Well, no. Seven, actually, but I grouped five of them together. They're easy to spot in the list, because I also made a "new" icon for them. So there ya go. That's about it for now... God I'm the most boring person ever.
Posted by Katherine at 3:55 PM


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