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Wednesday, August 20

NEW ICONS! Including some Mel Watson icons! More of Fruit to follow, I just had to get the Mel ones out of the way first, because a) in love, and b) Fiona asked me for one. I gave her some options, but might be making more. See reason a.

It's strange to be here sitting at a computer. I don't want to be home. And I'm not, not for long anyway. Leaving tomorrow morning at nine. I'm going to be spending 5 hours on the bus, and they're going to be constructive hours, goddammit.

I suck.

And why is it that the day I finally break through and am able to start writing a song instead of just clunking through randomness with nothing and no memory of what it's supposed to sound like once I finish playing with the nothing, is the day that one of the most talented musicians in the world reminds me that I look just like Suzie Vinnick, and that she's just so much better at everything than I am?


Existential crisis.

Deadline is now in 9 days.

*bangs head into monitor*

Ooh, clean monitor.

I called the store on Sunday afternoon because of a scheduling problem, and Brian told Shaun that I was drunk. Drunk! Me! That made me sad. Brian has never seen me happy. How many people think they know me, when all they really know is the fake, switched-off person I am while I'm trying to get through the horrible day-to-day?

When I was on the phone with Brian, Tannis Slimmon was nearby singing Will the Circle Be Unbroken in a workshop, and I started singing harmony into the phone. It's sad about Canadian folk festivals, that that song is sung much less frequently. I was so glad to hear it. We get tons of Goodnight Irene and The Mary Ellen Carter (*gag*), though.

And why, oh why, do the gospel workshops have to involve so many originals? I mean, I can understand if, for instance, EFO sings Great Day. They usually intro it in gospel wake-up call context by saying it's an original, do they not? And you could definitely fool people into thinking that it is. But... must artist after artist sing songs that have barely any bearing on the topic, much less the genre? Songs about dead people are not automatically gospel! THIS IS FOLK MUSIC! 40-50% of songs are about dead people!

About the gospel wake-up call on Sunday morning, though, it was actually amazing despite the boring songs, and we, as a crowd, rocked. Mark Reeves came out on stage to play along on harmonica maybe halfway through the workshop. He wasn't listed as one of the performers, but when they'd almost hit their time limit a bunch of us started yelling for him, because... Mark. We love the Reverend Reeves. If only he wasn't playing Hugh's Room this Friday, we'd love him more.

Oooh! Hey, people who are staying in Toronto! Go see Mark Reeves for me! His merch includes one-strap backpacks FOR CHRISSAKES!
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