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Friday, August 29

Oh yay. Gay porn on my hard drive. And it's not even lesbian porn. Sometimes I'd just like to live in my own consciousness and not be horribly interrupted by footage of some guy gargling some other guy's jizz while I'm trying to play my FRUiT CD. I *especially* do not want to link the two in my mind!

*rocks back and forth*
*thinks thoughts of Mel*
Posted by Katherine at 10:26 PM


Wednesday, August 27

The guy upstairs is cooking curry. I think. It smells wonderful. I had to stop playing guitar because I was standing right under his kitchen and couldn't concentrate. Ack.

Mailed everything off today with great success and accuracy. I've even been responsible enough to start my submission table, something which I've been putting off. It's been a decent day. I even stopped at Baskin Robbins and bought sugar-free ice cream, and ate it while reading my favourite magazine, the Robb Report, which I hadn't been able to find in over a year. Oh crap. I think my roommate might be coming home. *really doesn't want to see roomie*

Wait. Nevermind. "Turning To Blue" just started playing, so really Richard Simmons could walk in here and I wouldn't much care.

I keep wanting to go back to sleep, but I know I shouldn't, because I have to go to sleep around midnight tonight and stay asleep until seven or so. If I sleep now, this will not happen.
Posted by Katherine at 6:53 PM


OK, now tripod is fucking with me more. Oh, well. So, today I get to walk down to Postables (a decent walk... I hope it's not too muggy out there) and mail this fucking thing whose deadline is Friday. I'm trying to talk myself out of talking myself out of expecting never to hear about this submission again. If you could follow that. Basically right now I'm just assuming nothing will come of it, but I don't want to do that, I want to assume nothing.

Which I actually don't really have to work that hard to do: As soon as it's in the mail I will forget about it completely and therefore be surprised if it comes to anything.
Posted by Katherine at 10:56 AM


Tuesday, August 26

Huh. Ok. So Tripod is fucking with me (what else is new?). Why do I have ads on my page and not pop-ups? And, why is it that Tripod apparently hasn't noticed that this has randomly changed? I went to try to set my settings back to pop-ups, and they were already set the right way, which means this is a malfunction of a most dreadful kind.
Posted by Katherine at 8:23 PM


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