The Art of Reflexive Haiku
(parody and commentary in 17 syllables)

Re: Reorientation
It was so cloudy
I couldnít see the sky, so
I wrote the stars down.

Re: Resistance
has feelings too, and can get
verrrrry excited.

Re: Eight Triolets
Easy: when faced with
one OK assignment,
multiply. Like now.

Re: Autobiography
In which the poet
speaks at length about her life,
revealing nothing.

Re: Blazon #1
This is a poem
that I never liked very
much, but others did.

Re: The Boiler Room
I live underground
across from a mystery
I want to worship.

Re: Prayer For All The Things I Have
Sometimes I pray to
the god of picture frames and
bread. Mostly I donít.

Re: Easter Sunday
It sounds like I got
diddled by priests when I was
young Ė I just hate church.

Re: You Stand On The Dock
This girl is standing
on a dock, thinking about
her parents, or something.

Re: Afterwards
The narrator goes
to a house in search of truth.
Comes back with pot roast.

Re: For George
I have never shown
my friend George this poem, though
the story is true.

Re: Tour Van Inventory, Spring 2001
There once were four men
I thought I knew well, but I
knew their van better.

Re: At The Clinic
All I know about
abortion, I learned from the
kids of Degrassi.

Re: Rockcliffe Park
The narrator is
pretty screwed up about a
boy she used to see.

Re: Twenty-Two
Once there was a girl,
now thereís not. I miss her like
I miss speaking French.

Re: On New Appendages
The Olsen twins have
the nicest breasts Iíve ever
seen. Iím so ashamed.

Re: Paradox
The way my parents
met was magical and I
canít live up to it.

Re: slip
Brain aneurysm.
Oops, I thought you were dead and
instead youíre better.

(March 26, 2002)

© Katherine Maheux, 2003.